15 Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety And How To Help

Advertisement Whether you have two legs or four, anxiety can be a miserable experience. Sadly, our fur kids are not immune to anxiety. Many dogs suffer from anxiety, whether it’s only during thunderstorms or a low level of continuous anxiety. How can you tell if your dog has anxiety? What can you do to help … [Read more…]

What’s The Real Reason Your Dog Hates The Mail Carrier?

Advertisement Dog versus mail carrier is a battle for the ages. It’s characterized by barks and snarls ending in ripped pants and even hospital visits. Cartoons joke about it and people laugh about it, but it’s a serious problem plaguing neighborhoods and postal workers. According to the United States Postal Service, there were over 6,200 … [Read more…]

Pastor & Parishioners Rescue Four-Legged Flood Victims

Advertisement A North Carolina pastor and two of his parishioners set out Friday afternoon to help victims of Hurricane Florence. Although they initially intended to locate humans stranded by floodwaters, they ended up finding cats and dogs in need. In a now-viral video, the trio of rescuers are seen saving two stranded dogs and a … [Read more…]

Saved From Death Row, This Pup Wears His Emotions All Over His Face

Advertisement 4-year-old rescue dog, Bacon earned himself the nickname “Old Man Bacon” due to his temperamental attitutude and crabby nature. The unique-looking pooch’s story began on the streets of Tampa, Florida where he was picked up by animal control. Bacon was adopted out and returned twice with the owners citing behavioral issues. Eventually he found himself on … [Read more…]

9 Dog Food Label Tricks Pet Owners Need to Know

Take note of these dog food label tips on your next trip to a pet store. Is it possible you’ve been feeding semi-healthy foods to your dogs? Are you aware that of a number of controversies surrounding the pet food industry, specifically foods labeled as healthy but not actually being so? Here are nine markers … [Read more…]

Reporter Interrupts Live Newscast To Help Rescue Dog From Hurricane Flood Waters

Advertisement Reporter, Julie Wilson was recording a Facebook Live video in the hurricane-ravaged town of New Bern, North Carolina on Friday when she found herself caught up in the rescue effort. As Wilson waded through knee-deep water, she came across a woman named Tasha who said her daughter’s injured therapy dog was still inside her flooding … [Read more…]