10 Dog Companies to Shop on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is November 28th this year. Support small business and our own economy by saving money on Black Friday and shopping on this day instead. Here are 10 small companies that are worth checking out on November 29th.

#1 – Spoiled Pets Shop

This fun site has plenty of unique dog products to choose from, including their own Soothing Dog Sounds CDs. The Perfect Way to Keep Your Dog Calm Vol. 1. It’s part of a series of CDs designed to naturally calm and relax dogs and puppies suffering from stress or anxiety without the use of medication.

Image source: Spoiled-pets.com
Image source: Spoiled-pets.com

#2 – Pet Portables

The EGO (“Emergency to GO”) Pouch First Aid Kit is the newest product to come from this small company, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Having everything that comes in a full-sized kit, this smaller version is not too big so you can clip it onto your leash or belt loop.

Image source: PetPortables.com Image source: PetPortables.com
Image source: PetPortables.com

#3 – Newflands

Fueled by her passion to help her Newfoundland Rosie who had a terminal heart condition, the founder of Newflands used her veterinary nurse experience to develop her own line of animal health supplements.

Image source: Newflands.comImage source: Newflands.com
Image source: Newflands.com

#4 – Paws Barkery

Paws Barkery™ has been selling treats since it was founded 14 years ago in Pennsylvania. The treats are sourced and made in the USA with simple ingredients that most people have in their kitchen cupboards.

Image source: Pawsbarkery.com Image source: Pawsbarkery.com
Image source: Pawsbarkery.com

#5 – Scout and Zoe’s

Specializing in allergen-friendly dog chews, including antlers, Cindy Dunston Quirk’s store is named after her two dogs. Aside from the antlers, they also carry sweet potato and chicken chews.

Image source: Scoutandzoes.com Image source: Scoutandzoes.com
Image source: Scoutandzoes.com

#6 – Earth Heart Inc.

Vicki Raw Thorne created her signature product, Canine Calm, to help dogs relax while staying at boarding facilities. She now has an entire line of natural, plant-based remedies for dogs.

Image source: Earthheartinc.comImage source: Earthheartinc.com
Image source: Earthheartinc.com

#7 – Herbs For Your Pets

A passion for pets and herbs led Cindy Wenger, an animal behavior consultant, to get her certification in herbal studies. She uses her knowledge of both to create wonderful organic herbal supplements that help improve the health of your best friend.

Image source: herbsforyourpets.comImage source: herbsforyourpets.com
Image source: herbsforyourpets.com

#8 – 4Knines

Annoyed with the lack of quality in car seat covers, this husband and wife team started their own company to do just that. They offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, Lifetime warranty, and even free shipping.

Image source: 4knines.comImage source: 4knines.com
Image source: 4knines.com

#9 – Gold Paw Series

This dog coat and harness company is family run, with materials sourced and sewn here in the U.S.A. They are made from top-quality blends that are made to withstand a dog’s life, while remaining comfortable.

Image source: Goldpawseries.comImage source: Goldpawseries.com
Image source: Goldpawseries.com

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#10 – Save This Life

This is probably the coolest dog ID system on the market. They are the only ones that allow someone to Google your dog and find you. They make updating a snap, and you can use their microchips or your existing ones.

Image source: Savethislife.com Image source: Savethislife.com
Image source: Savethislife.com

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