10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Best Coworker You’ve Ever Had

The longer the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, the harder working at home is going to be. Being cooped up in the house all day can get boring after a while, so we long for the day we can go back to our regular routines. However, if there’s one thing that’s better about working from home, it’s our new coworkers! We might not have an office full of people to socialize with while we work, but at home, we have four-legged coworkers to keep us company. It will be sad when we won’t be able to work next to our dogs anymore, so here are 10 reasons why they’re the best coworkers we’ll ever have.

#1 – They Make You Happier

Just looking at your furry coworker is enough to bring a smile to your face. You won’t have to look at cute dogs pictures in your free time anymore because your dog will be right there beside you.

#2 – They Comfort You When Work Gets Tough

If your work gets too stressful, your four-legged coworker will gladly cheer you up. After all, they’re likely already napping right beside you. If you get frustrated at all during the workday, just pet them and give them some attention. It’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Image: @TheDogsAtWork/Facebook

#3 – They Won’t Call Unnecessary Meetings

In the office, you might have a lot of boring meetings to attend. However, your dog will never force you to sit through anything uneventful. The only things they’ll schedule are walks and playtime, which are much better than sitting through a presentation.

Image: @TheDogsAtWork/Facebook

#4 – They Force You To Take The Breaks You Deserve

Without a dog by your side, you’d likely be cooped up inside all day. But your dogs need walks and bathroom breaks throughout the day. This could be the perfect opportunity to take a well-deserved break and get some fresh air.

#5 – They Won’t Start Conversations When You’re Busy

During a normal workday, you might encounter your human coworkers often. They might try to start conversations even when you’re clearly busy. Your dog won’t do that. All they want is for you to pet them once in a while and they’ll be content.

Image: @TheDogsAtWork/Facebook

#6 – They Won’t Gossip

At home, you won’t have to worry about work gossip anymore. Your dog doesn’t care about the juicy secrets they hear. They’d much rather make you happy than share some meaningless gossip.

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#7 – They Appreciate You For Who You Are

When working from home, you don’t have to worry about your looks. If you want to work in your pajamas with no makeup, that’s completely fine! Your dog certainly won’t judge you. In fact, they’ll love you the same no matter what you look like.

#8 – They Guard Your Workspace During Bathroom Breaks

When you get up to take a bathroom break, your furry friend will gladly keep your seat warm. Plus, they’ll guard your work supplies with their life. You won’t have to worry about anyone borrowing your items again.

#9 – They Inspire You To Work Harder

In the office, the workday might drag on. It’s difficult to work hard when you don’t feel motivated. But when you look at your dog, it just makes you want to be a better person. After all, the more money you earn, the more stuff you can buy for your furry friend!

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#10 – They Make Going To Work Fun!

You probably aren’t ecstatic about going to work on a daily basis. But when your work is at home with an adorable dog by your side, what’s not to like? As much as we want this pandemic to be over, dog parents all over the world will be heartbroken when they can no longer work with their dogs.

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Featured Image: @TheDogsAtWork/Facebook

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