13-Year-Old’s Late Dad Surprises Him With A Dog

Most kids dream of having a dog of their own, but unfortunately, not all parents are willing to give in. However, Joe Kavaluskis wanted more than anything to get a Boston Terrier for his son, Logan. But sadly, Joe was allergic. Logan loved the small breed so much that he often carried a plush Boston Terrier with him when he was younger. Now, at 13 years old, Logan finally got his dream dog in a way he never expected.

For 9 heartbreaking years, Joe fought myeloma cancer. He tried to stay strong, but toward the end of the 9th year, he knew his time was running out. So, he talked to his wife, Melanie, about what he wanted for his youngest son. 

Joe wanted Logan to finally get a dog for his 13th birthday. Unfortunately, Joe passed away 5 days before Logan’s big day. Joe was no longer there in person to see Logan’s face when he got his big surprise, but he was definitely there in Logan’s heart.

Image: Melanie Kavaluskis Facebook

Logan’s Surprise Puppy

Logan’s mom and brother told him that they were going on a trip to get a puppy for his older cousin. Being the dog lover that he is, Logan happily agreed to tag along. 

After they got the puppy, his cousin asked Logan if he wanted to hold the pup. When his cousin handed the tiny Boston Terrier over, Logan’s older brother began recording a video of the event.

Image: Screenshot, Happily YouTube

That’s when Logan’s cousin told him that the puppy was really for him. The puppy was a gift from his father who had passed away only days earlier. After hearing this, Logan burst into tears. It was the cutest and most emotional gift he had ever received.

Since then, Logan named the pup Indie. The two have bonded greatly since his birthday. With Indie by his side, it’s like Logan has a piece of his dad with him every single day.

Image: Screenshot, Happily YouTube

“He had planned it out with me before he had passed away,” said Melanie. “He said ‘make sure to get Logan a dog because I know that will give him a lot of comfort.’ And it actually brought comfort to our whole family.”

Indie has helped cheer the family up a bit, but they are still having a hard time with their loss. Losing a family member is never easy. Melanie has had a stressful time sorting through the financial side of things on her own, and she’s trying to stay strong for her family. If you would like to help the family during this heartbreaking time, please donate to the GoFundMe that their friend set up for them.

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Featured Image: Screenshots, Happily YouTube

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