14 Things That Every Person Who Loves Their Dog Has Done


Okay, so sometimes we do things with our dogs that aren’t the most conventional. But that’s because we love them oh-so-much, right? For us, dogs are family…and as anyone knows, families do some funny things together.

Have you done any–or all–of these things with your dog?? Chances are, you’re going to say “yes” to most of these! Got any funny ones you want to add to this list?? Share with us in the comments section on Facebook.

 1. You’ve created all kinds of crazy nicknames for them…and none of which sound even remotely close to their actual name.

 2. You sing to them. Usually with lyrics that you’ve changed to add your dog into the chorus. It’s better that way, right? And on a side note: they love your singing voice.

 3.You’ve made them special meals, especially when it’s a special occasion–like their birthday!


 4. You forgo buying things for yourself because you’d rather spend your money buying something for your dog. That new outfit can wait, right? You just found this crazy new toy that your dog really needs.

 5. Started crying at the thought of your dog not living forever–even though you are not-so-secretly hoping they will. Life without them is just not worth living.

 6. Said they weren’t “allowed” to do something, and within one day, or one hour, you’ve already caved. They were comfortable, how could you move them??


 7. Used them as a foot warmer. Hey, your toes were cold and they were right there! #bonding

 8. Held their paw when you’ve snuggled on the couch together…when your significant other is sitting across the room.


 9. Talked about them to the point in which you wonder if it is possible that you could have actually given birth to them. After all, they are your baby!

 10. Praised them for doing something they’ve already known how to do successfully for years. Such a good boy!!


 11. Felt seriously insulted if your dog chooses to sit with someone other than you. And possibly put your nose up in the air and pouted like a toddler who doesn’t get their way.

12. You’ve imagined what their voice would sound like if they talked. Would they have a British accent? Possibly so…


 13. Left the television on for them when you’ve stepped out of the house. You didn’t want them to be bored! Plus, their favorite show was on Animal Planet…

 14. Had conversations with them when they’ve done something wrong. And then looked inside yourself to see what you did wrong to them to make them act this way.

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