14-Year-Old Uses Free Time To Make Jackets For Shelter Dogs

A young girl living in South Africa found a way to turn her extra time in lockdown into a kind gesture for the dogs in her community. With South Africa experiencing their coldest winter in the last decade, she knew she had something special to offer the Kempton Park SPCA during this difficult time.

The Kempton Park SPCA is one of many incredible animal shelters around the world that are feeling the impact of the current pandemic. With the current economic impact and their region currently experiencing the coldest winter of the last decade, things have been a bit challenging for the team of dedicated shelter workers.

shelter dog jackets
Kempton Park SPCA FB

With more cold weather to come, a local student named Liencke began to wonder how the dogs at her local SPCA were handling the bitter cold. With extra time on her hands and a skill for crafting, this animal lover got to work in creating a wonderful gift for all the chilly shelter pups.

Liencke used her sewing skills to craft a huge pile of plush doggie jackets for dogs of all sizes at the shelter. The cozy fabric has felt on each end to help secure their jackets in pace, along with an adorable design to make sure each dog feels stylish at all times. Whether it’s a quick trip outside or just a chilly night indoors, these pups can snuggle up and have the comfort they deserve.

shelter dog jacketsshelter dog jackets
Kempton Park SPCA FB

“WOW – this is a remarkable young lady. At just 14 she made these beautiful doggy jerseys for us. Thank you Liencke Pretorius for sharing your love for the dogs in our care.” – Kempton Park SPCA

The SPCA and organizations like it depend on donations from the public to keep their organizations running. Whether it’s donating food, blankets, or extra funds; your local shelter will be thrilled to have your support in any way. You can even volunteer your free time once things have calmed down in the world and lockdowns have lifted.  No matter what you have to offer, your local shelter can benefit!

shelter dog jacketsshelter dog jackets
Kempton Park SPCA FB

If you have a skill like Liencke that can benefit your local shelter pups, we urge you to reach out to an organization in need and offer a helping hand. During times like this, your help can mean so much to so many furry friends.

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Image Source: Kempton Park SPCA FB

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