16 Of The Cutest Dog Posts During The Quarantine

It’s easy to get bored sitting at home all day. After all, this COVID-19 quarantine just seems to be going on forever, and many people are running out of ways to occupy their time. Luckily, dogs are always able to make a lazy day more exciting. Even if you don’t have a dog of your own, there are plenty of adorable pups on social media!

These past few weeks have been a great time for adorable dog posts online. Here are just some of the many dog-related social media posts that will likely make you laugh or say ‘aww!’

#1 – Rescue Pups Visit The Aquarium!

Two adoptable puppies at the Atlanta Humane Society got to run around the Georgia Aquarium while it was closed to the public. Luckily, both these cute pups got adopted shortly after!

#2 – Jam-Obsessed Corgi Gives Everyone a Scare

At first glance, this post looks horrifying! But as it turns out, this Corgi pup just ate some jam, and he’s perfectly fine.

Idol giới trẻ toang rồi ??#gody

Posted by Candy The Corgi Official on Friday, March 20, 2020

#3 – The Best Livestream You’ll See

So many musicians have brought their talents online for fans, so this dog decided to follow the trend. He’s the best DJ you’ll see all year!

#4 – Getting Treats is Worth Celebrating!

This dog really knows how to celebrate the little things in life. He might act gentle when he first gets a snack, but he can’t stop himself from dancing before he eats it!

#5 – Tiny Dog Does Yoga to Pass the Time

This little dog acts like he isn’t listening, but his yoga skills are perfectly in sync with his human. What a relaxing way to spend time at home.

#6 – This Dog Loves Singing His Favorite Theme Song

If you’re binge-watching your favorite shows while you’re stuck at home, you should get into it as much as this dog. He loves the Law & Order theme song!

#7 – Dog Finds New Ways to Have Fun Outside

Fetch is no longer the best outdoor game to play. Leny the Golden Retriever has found that sliding down the hill is a much more exciting activity!

#8 – Drone Walks the Dog

Social distancing is the best way to make the world safer for everyone right now. So, this smart man decided to use a drone to walk his dog!

#9 – This Bulldog Has a Problem With Trash

This silly dog always knocks over trash cans. Maybe he’s trying to make a statement about reducing waste, but he likely just thinks it’s a fun game.

#10 – The One-Eared Unicorn Puppy!

The internet fell in love with this adorable one-eared puppy. She looks just like a golden unicorn!

#11 – Puppy Becomes an Astronaut

This little bulldog puppy is showing the world that you can do anything you set your mind to. After all, Nellie is the cutest astronaut we’ve ever seen!

‪This is Nellie. She’s an astronaut. Please don’t interrupt her spacewalk. 13/10‬ (follow @nelliebritishbulldog on Instagram)

Posted by We Rate Dogs on Monday, April 6, 2020

#12 – The President of Ireland’s Dog Craves Attention

For good dogs, attention can’t wait. The president of Ireland’s dog walked right into an official event just to get some well-deserved belly rubs. What a good boy!

#13 – Is He a Dog or a Cat?

This silly little pup looks like a hybrid between a dog and a cat. No matter what he is, he sure is adorable though!

Cái thứ bát nháo này

Posted by Gấu Mèo – Làng Dúi on Friday, February 21, 2020

#14 – Dog Swaps Places With His Human

Looking for more ways to keep yourself entertained? Maybe you should try swapping places with your dog for the day!

#15 – Kid Aggressively Asks to Pet a Dog

When you see a cute dog, it’s hard to resist petting them. So, it makes sense that this child would be so angry when told not to pet a fluffy pup.

#16 – Ned the Dogter

This cute dog is helping remind the world that doctors need all the support they can get. They are working hard to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. So, please respect Ned and stay safe during this crazy time!

‪This is Ned. He’ll be conducting your check-pup today. Please don’t giggle when you see him. He’s $232,000 in debt from medical school and would appreciate some respect. 13/10 ‬

Posted by We Rate Dogs on Monday, March 9, 2020

H/T: buzzfeed.com
Featured Image: @notoriousnatz/Twitter, @atlantahumane/Twitter, and @WeRateDogs/Facebook

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