17 Dachshunds Pose For Adorable Christmas Photo

Getting one dog to look nicely at the camera can be a difficult task, especially if they’re dressed in a cute outfit. It’s hard to imagine getting multiple dogs to pose at the same time. But taking dog photos is no problem for 20-year-old Liam Beach. His family has 17 Dachshunds in their home, and Beach was determined to get a Christmas photo with all of them. Sure enough, Beach proved that the perfect Christmas photo really does exist!

Beach has taken plenty of photos of his many dogs before, but this one topped them all. Not only are all the dogs sitting still in adorable Christmas outfits, but they’re all looking at the camera! How could so many little dogs have that much patience?

Buster, Daisy, Ziggy, Wallie, Zac, Bonnie, Saffie, Duke, Diamond, Ruby, Kizzy, Sammy, Kansy, Kiki, Lottie, Benji, and Dudley are all very well behaved. Getting them ready for this adorable picture only took a total of 45 minutes.

Image: Liam Beach Facebook

Taking the Christmas Photo

Even though Beach had taken photos of his pups before, this was his greatest challenge yet. Once he dressed them up in their outfits, they all got excited. Many of them assumed they were going for a walk, so they didn’t want to sit still. 

Beach had to calm down all 17 of the dogs before he could get them to sit on the stairs. However, once they were in their places, many of them grew sleepy. He had to work hard to keep them awake to look at the camera.

He used a squeaky ball and some treats to get them all to look at him. The 45 long minutes were worth it because he finally captured the cutest photo ever.

Image: Liam Beach Facebook

A Series of Adorable Pictures

This isn’t the first time Beach has taken a photo like this. Over the summer, his friend challenged him to get a photo of all the Dachshunds on the stairs. For that photo, the dogs happily cooperated. 

That stair photo only took Beach less than 10 minutes to take. The dogs might not be dressed up, but they are all sitting still and looking at the camera. At the time, he only had 16 Dachshunds. Since then, Kansy joined the family as the 17th Dachshund. The family just can’t get enough of this adorable breed!

Before that challenge, Beach also took a photo of all the Dachshunds lined up on the couch. Again, they are all looking directly at the camera. Beach must truly be some kind of dog whisperer.

Photos of the Dachshunds have been shared all over social media. Now that everyone knows about his photogenic dogs, how will Beach be able to top this photo next year?

Image: Liam Beach Facebook

H/T: people.com

Featured Image: Liam Beach Facebook

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