23 Examples Of Dog Logic That Every Pet Parent Can Relate To


With their unceasing optimism, our dogs have a special point of view, and one of the many reasons we love them is that they help us see things from a pure and innocent perspective! This means that our clever canines have their own ideas about how the world works, how to make the most of life, and the best way to score extra toys and treats!

Below are a few hilarious examples of “dog logic” that most pet parents will be able to relate to. Share an example of your pup’s adorable “logic” in the comments below!

“If you had to jump 3x your body length to get into a chair, you’d be lazy too!”

“Um yeah, I’m gonna need you to quit working and play with me RIGHT NOW.”

“Don’t stop staring at hoomans until you get enough.”

“Squirrel watch!! I saw one… so I’m staying riiiight here in case it comes back.”

“Why sleep on a dog bed or couch when there’s random trash available?”

“If you go in this magic box, it transports you to a different land!!!”

“Today is my mom’s birthday and my grandpa had the AUDACITY to get her a card with another dog’s face on it!!”

“Life Lessons by Ember: Not all sprinklers are created equal, watch your back, and never give up!”

“Have u ever looked at your water bowl and wondered, ‘I know I can drinks it, but, can I eats it?’”

“Wanna come outside and enjoy this beautiful day?”

“Naw, we’re good here.”

“Apparently my idea of indoor approved toys differs vastly from Pickle Juice’s.”

“Who needs toys when you have empty water bottles?”

“Big and small dogs are always looking out for us.”

“My mommy is sick, but maybe if I lay on her tummy, she’ll get better.”

“Maybe if I sit pretty enough Mom will give me a treat.”

“If I eat outside, it’s a picnic. If it’s a picnic, I have to share.”

“See Mom? I ran through the sprinklers. Now I don’t need a bath.”

“Hi human, I know you’re sad so I brought this ball over to you so you could throw it for me. That’ll make me happy and me being happy makes you happy so we both win.”

“Maybe if I hold her legs down she won’t make us go to the vet again.”

“I have a lovely cozy bed but instead I choose to sleep on the kitchen floor.”

“Please throw? No take! Only throw.”

“Why does it take 10 minutes to walk 20 ft, you ask? Because we must smell EVERY blade of grass on the way.”

“A tip to all pups: hide your person’s shoes and they can’t leave you!!!”

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