5 Serious Health Issues That Could Be Caused By Your Dog’s Food, And What To Feed Your Dog Instead

When your dog gets sick, do you ever consider that it could be the food is his bowl that is bringing him down? We often place blame for illness on things like exposure to other sick pups, genetics or sensitivities, but the truth is that your dog’s diet is the cornerstone of his overall health. You place a lot of faith in the bag or can you choose off the shelf, but it could be time to switch to food with your dog’s wellbeing in mind, like Ollie.

These are 11 health conditions – some extremely severe – that could be caused by your dog’s food, and one easy way to avoid them all.

1. Pica/Coprophagia

You might be familiar with the words “Pica,” or “Coprophagia,” but most pet parents know it by a different name: poop eating.

A dog who is starving for nutrients will put anything he can in his belly. Dogs often eat poop or grass, but some poor pups will even attempt to eat rocks or dirt to fill in the gaps in their diet. Not only can this behavior expose your pup to some pretty awful diseases, but it can also turn into hefty surgery bills.

Though it’s sometimes caused by other issues, like anxiety or boredom, making sure your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs will help keep non-food objects out of his stomach.

2. Food Allergies

Food allergies are extremely common in pups of all ages, breeds, and genders, and often caused by ingredients you might never suspect. Some common allergens include chicken, corn, dairy products, and wheat – things you’ll probably notice when you read the ingredients label on any package of dog food.

If your dog has food allergies, you may notice itchy skin, hives, swollen face, and tummy troubles. Many pet parents blame allergic reactions on the environment, but don’t forget that your food could be the culprit.

Ollie offers multiple recipes that avoid common allergens. If your dog has food allergies, it’s easy for them to supply food for him that won’t make him sick or uncomfortable!

3. Heart Disease

The FDA has been investigating a link between grain-free diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (CDC), which enlarges the heart and makes it more difficult for it to pump blood to the body. Several foods, most of which have been labeled “grain-free” are thought to cause this disease in dogs. Though they have not concluded their investigation, they have been advising pet parents to stop feeding grain-free diets.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers still proudly make and label their food as grain-free, and several unaware people continue to feed their dogs these foods because they believe that dogs are carnivores.

The truth is that dogs need a variety of foods to satisfy their dietary needs, including vegetables and grains. Each of Ollie’s recipes include delicious, dog-safe fruits and veggies that complement the protein they’re serving, as well as nutrition-rich superfoods like chia seeds, cod-liver oil, and kale.

4. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is sometimes an unfortunate side-effect of obesity. Excess sugar in the bloodstream can cause damage to vital organs, and also cause the body to “starve” for fuel – which will lead to it breaking down fats and proteins to make its own. Dogs who are overweight can develop an insulin resistance that will need life-long care, as there is no cure for diabetes. When not treated it can lead to kidney failure, liver disease, and even blindness.

Dogs with diabetes will require frequent monitoring and daily insulin injections, as well as special diets that will keep their glucose levels low. The best thing to do is to keep your dog on a healthy diet and lifestyle to help him avoid developing diabetes. You’d be surprised how much sugar the dog food in your pantry might have. It’s usually in the form of starchy fillers that make up much more of the recipe than your dog needs – or can handle. This is another reason it’s so important that your dog eat meals that are balanced especially for him, like Ollie.

5. Obesity

Serving sizes on packaged food are often one-size-fits-all, and those numbers are not specific to your unique dog. Pet parents who feed according to package directions are often shocked when they find out they’ve been over or underfeeding their pets. Among other things, obesity can cause painful joint problems, breathing issues, and can even shorten your pup’s lifespan.

It’s important that your dog gets enough to eat without going overboard. Calorie counting is the usual solution, but it can be difficult to make sure that your pup is getting enough calories while still getting enough food to keep his belly feeling full.

Need a little help? Ollie can find this balance for you and send you portioned meals. All you need to do is open the package and serve.

How To Avoid Food-Related Health Issues

Feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet is rarely ever as easy as picking a bag off a shelf. Diet is specific, and no two dogs are the same.

Many pet parents have decided to take their dogs’ health back into their own hands, and are turning to fresh, homemade food for their pups. But even this option can cause its own issues. Few people have time to cook entire meals for their dog on a daily basis. Even when you do, it can be difficult to make sure that it’s properly balanced and stored safely.

This is why we love Ollie.

Ollie creates food with the same loving care that any pet parent would put into food they made themselves, and its tailor-made to your own, unique pup. Every recipe was created with the help of canine nutritionists to make sure that your dog gets everything he needs, and nothing else. No fillers, no hard-to-pronounce chemicals, no artificial flavorings. Just real, human-grade ingredients perfectly cooked and assembled into meals fit for your puppy prince or princess.

Your pup’s personalized meals are safely sealed and delivered right to your door, and all you have to do is open them up and serve. Your pup gets a tasty, nutritionally balanced meal that is just right for him, and you can show your dog you care in a way that he’ll truly understand – food!

Over 73% of Ollie’s pup parents report seeing noticeable improvements to their dog’s health and eating habits after switching to Ollie. Ready to give Ollie a try? Click here to dig into Ollie and receive 50% off your first box + Free Beef Treats!

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