5 Surprising Ways Your Dog Shows You He Cares


You love your dog and you know he loves you too, but are you familiar with all the different ways he shows you how much he cares about you? Dogs have so many ways to show us their love; it’s not just limited to being excited when you come home.

There are several things that our dogs do for us each day to share a token of their love, and we know it’s these little things that make our bonds with our canine companions so special and unique.

Here are 5 surprising ways your dog shows you he loves you….

#1 – Leaning on you

Your dog might be leaning on you for a few different reasons. He might be trying to show you affection. He might be looking for affection from you. Or he might be anxious and looking to be comforted. Regardless, it’s a sign of love and trust when your dog leans on you.

#2 – Licking your face

Wolf cubs lick their parents’ faces in order to be fed, so it makes sense that the remnants of this instinct would have them licking your face because they see you as a parent. Licking can also be related to social grooming or submission.

#3 – Bringing you his favorite toy

You may think your dog just wants to play, but it really takes a lot of love and trust for your dog to bring you his most prized possession. He’s hoping you’ll like it as much as he does, and if you reciprocate by playing with him, that’s the greatest reward he could get.

#4 – Lifting his left eyebrow  

A recent Japanese study showed that dogs are more likely to lift their left eyebrow higher when they see their favorite person. Treats and toys didn’t provoke the same response. Strangers didn’t either. Dogs have expressive faces anyway, but if you catch your dog lifting his left eyebrow at you, now you know that’s a secret “I love you”!

#5 – Sleeping next to you

Dogs in the wild sleep with their pack, so it’s only natural that they’ll want to sleep next to you. If they aren’t allowed on your bed, a happy dog will enjoy sharing the room with you even if they can’t sleep in bed right next to you.

(H/T: Mom.me, Little Things)

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