6 Tips For Making Your Dog’s Kennel Comfy

Your dog’s kennel should be a safe, comfortable space where he goes to relax instead of throwing him inside when it’s time for you to leave him alone. A bare kennel isn’t exactly the most inviting environment for your fur child. Here are 6 tips for making your dog’s kennel a comfy bedroom instead of a bare prison cell.

#1 – Make sure it’s big enough

Your pup should be able to stand up, turn around, and stretch out comfortably in his crate. On the flip side, a kennel that is too large feels less like a den and provides your dog enough space to do his business, which defeats part of the purpose of a kennel.

#2 – Include your dog’s favorite toys

Your dog may sleep most of the day while he’s in his kennel, but you should still include one or two toys for him to play with while you’re gone. Stuffing toys with peanut butter and then freezing them makes a great way to keep your dog busy while he’s in his crate!

#3 – Include things to chew on

Another great way to prevent your dog from being bored is to include bully sticks or something similar for your dog to chew on while you’re away. If you only provide these treats while he’s in his kennel, he’ll look forward to the crate being a happy place.

#4 – Keep the temperature comfortable

Make sure the kennel isn’t in a location where your dog will get overly hot or cold. Place a fan nearby if your home gets hot during the day and consider a space heater if the kennel is in a chilly corner of your home.

#5 – Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise when he isn’t in the crate

All dogs need plenty of exercise. No matter what you do to make a kennel comfortable, a dog who isn’t getting enough exercise will be uncomfortable in a kennel when he really wants to stretch his legs and run or go for a long walk. Giving your dog plenty of exercise will help your dog’s kennel feel like a restful safe place instead of a tiny prison.

#6 – Include a soft blanket

Unless your dog is likely to chew it up, every dog deserves to have a super comfortable blanket in their kennel so they can snuggle up. Our iHeartDogs premium blankets provide your dog with a luxurious experience while he’s relaxing in his kennel. Every dog deserves the comfort of soft blanket!

While spoiling your own dog, each purchase of a iHeartDogs blanket also provides a comfy fleece blanket for a dog awaiting their forever home in a shelter!

(H/T: Rover, The Daily Shep)

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