8-Year-Old Dog Delivers Groceries To His Neighbors

As the novel coronavirus continues its spread, many businesses have needed to find new ways of doing things. Food and retail shops that can’t do regular drop-offs or in-store shopping have to get a little creative. A small grocery shop in Colombia found a particularly great solution to prevent person-to-person contact.

Four years ago, the Botero family opened a mini-market in Tulipanes, Colombia. Not long after, their Chocolate Lab named Eros began accompanying them on their deliveries. At first, he joined as a companion and assistant. Maria Natividad Botero, Eros’ mom, told AP News that Eros now helps them and their customers stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“He helps us to maintain social distancing, and people love it when we send the dog.”

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Colombia is currently averaging thousands of new coronavirus cases per day. Eros is helping his little corner of it stay well-fed while they’re worried about their safety. Data indicates that dogs transferring coronavirus to people and vice versa is extremely unlikely, as the strain that affects them differs from the one affecting people.

For his deliveries, Eros clamps a wicker basket in his jaws which is filled with food at the store. The good boy doesn’t even touch any of it on the way! He just drops it off and awaits his tasty reward.


No, Eros doesn’t know specific address numbers to take deliveries. But he does remember the names of customers who have rewarded him with treats. Eventually, he learned how to deliver to those houses on his own. Both customer and delivery boy are equally happy to see each other.

“He knows the names of five or six of our customers. So I send the merchandise with a receipt in the basket, and my customers pay me through a bank transfer.”


To Eros, this is hardly work. He sees it as a trip around town for treats, Botero said.

“He’s quite a glutton. He won’t leave your house until you give him a treat.”

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Still, Eros is an essential worker helping out during a difficult time. Other dogs across the globe have also joined in on this noble and adorable cause. One dog in Maryland does curbside wine deliveries. Another in Colorado helped out his COVID-vulnerable neighbor by bringing her food and doing her errands.

If there is a silver lining to the pandemic, this trend of doggie deliverers definitely qualifies.

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