9-Year-Old Boy Takes A Picture With Every Dog He Pets


It doesn’t matter whether they’re big, small, fluffy, young, or old—Gideon Kidd loves dogs. The nine-year-old loves their different personalities and the way they roll over on their backs for belly rubs. He even loves it when they lick his face.

Gideon has one dog at home named Walter (along with three cats and two gerbils), but his love for furry friends extends to the entire canine kingdom. All he wants to do is pet dogs, and while he’s at it, he’s spreading an important message. Regardless of the kind of day you’re having, petting a dog (or seeing a picture of a kid petting a dog) will always make you smile.

As part of Gideon’s mission to pet as many dogs as possible, he started his own website. It’s called “I’ve Pet That Dog,” and every day, he posts a picture of a new dog he’s met. He includes a short description of his new friend, and so far, he’s featured over 300 dogs. His website is a big hit, and his mom recently got the idea that he’d reach even more people if he also had a Twitter. She helped Gideon create his account, and in only a few weeks, his audience has grown tremendously. He started with a few hundred fellow dog-loving followers, but after local interviews and media features, people from all over started hearing about the kid who loves to take pictures with dogs. He’s at 52,000 followers so far, and that number grows every day.

Gideon’s idea is simple; there’s no gimmick or special ploy. He’s not fundraising or trying to become famous, all he wants to do is show people how great dogs really are. Before he pets a dog, he always stops and asks the dog’s handler for permission. If they say yes, he extends his hand toward the dog to let them smell him first. If the dog seems comfortable, then Gideon goes in for the pets. He likes talking to people about their dogs’ personalities, and he learns a lot about different breeds.

The fourth-grader pets big dogs and little dogs, and he’s always on the lookout for new dogs to meet. He told Today that he has already met all the dogs in his neighborhood, and now he and his mom drive around other places for the sole purpose of finding dogs to pet. When they see someone out walking their dog, they always pull over. Almost everyone they’ve met so far has been happy to help Gideon reach his goal of petting as many dogs as possible—and the dogs seem to like it too.

Gideon says he wants to pet one million dogs, and he’s willing to go the distance to make it happen. Gideon’s message is something everyone can relate to—when life gets rough, sometimes all you need to do is stop and pet a dog. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of happiness.

h/t:  Today

Featured image via Twitter/I’ve Pet That Dog

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