9-Year-Old Makes Soaps To Raise Money For An Iowa Animal Shelter

The last thing a shelter or rescue center existing to help homeless, injured, and abandoned animals should have to worry about is financing. Sadly, the costs of treating sick animals and even feeding the rest can be very high, and it’s a concern nationwide. Human kindness is what keeps these places afloat.

Take for example The Animal Welfare Friends Shelter in Monticello, Iowa which has been saving animals for 3 years. All this time, shelter rep Cindy Bagge told ABC9 they have relied on donor funding.

“We have no annual funding sources, it operates primarily on donations. We have to work really hard to do that to keep a shelter this size in volume floating.”

9-year-old volunteer Bella Frasher does more than her fair share of that hard work making life better for homeless animals. She and her family have been selling homemade goat milk soaps and donating their profits to the Animal Welfare Friends Shelter.

Screenshot, ABC9/KCRG.com

Bella’s mom, Mandi Frasher, said the decision to raise funds for the shelter came from Bella.

“After we were done volunteering one Saturday morning, she was worried about them not having enough toys, enough treats, and beds, so that’s how we came up with the idea.”

They had already made some homemade soaps for themselves and school fundraisers, but they also created specialized animal-shaped soaps for the shelter.

“We keep the ingredients pretty simple and as natural as possible, we actually started it because her skin is super sensitive. So that’s what got us started making them for ourselves and then it was her idea to start making them to raise money.”

Screenshot, ABC9/KCRG.com

The whole family works together on the goat milk soaps, though Bella appears to sit in the director’s chair. She chooses the scents and the molds.

Screenshot, ABC9/KCRG.com

Pure love and passion is driving this girl to do something no 9-year-old should really need to do: earn money for others. Mandi said the soap-making will continue as long as there’s a demand for them, which there has been.

“Her love for animals keeps growing. If she had it her way we’d have 20 cats and 20 dogs.”

Sometimes the biggest gestures come from the smallest people! Bella’s still got so much good to do in this world.

Whether you have sensitive skin, a sensitive heart, or both, you can inquire and learn more about Bella Boo Soaps via email: bellaboosoap@gmail.com.

H/T: KCRG.com
Featured Image: Screenshot, ABC9/KCRG.com

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