9 Years In The Army Took A Toll On This Veteran, But His Service Dog Is Repairing The Damage

Thanks to a grant from GreaterGood.org, funded by the iHeartDogs.com community, Canines for Service helps Army veterans find the perfect dog for their specific needs. Your purchases help make stories like this one possible!

In many cases, people who serve our country face physical and mental consequences of their service for years to come. These injuries and conditions can make everyday living a challenge. More afflicted veterans are learning how specially trained dogs can give them their lives back. Simultaneously, more shelter dogs are getting second chances too.

Corey, a United States Army Veteran, served the U.S. for more than 9 years, deploying multiple times. When he retired from the Army though, the wounds from years of dedicated service began to affect his daily life. He especially had a hard time leaving the house and interacting with other people.

Canines for Service had a solution for him in the form of a tan and white Labrador Retriever mix named Roman.

Roman needed Corey too. Before becoming a service dog, he had been surrendered by people who lost their home tragically during Hurricane Florence.

Prior to Canines for Service recruiting him, he had been in the care of R.A.C.E. Inc (Rescue Animals Community Effort.) R.A.C.E. is a non-profit group in North Carolina run entirely by volunteers. All animals they care for live in foster homes until they find their forever home. For Roman, a training program would come in between.

Photo courtesy of Canines for Service

Whether it’s a breed-related advantage or a love of learning, Roman picked up his service dog responsibilities quickly. His handlers at Canines for Service are quick to note that he’s not just a working stiff; he also gives the best kisses.

Once the pup completed his training, they were certain he would make the perfect match for Corey. Eventually, they met to spend a week training together.

“When the time came for Corey and Roman’s week of training together, Corey had the biggest smile on his face—something his mom said she has not seen in a very long time.”

Already since the two were paired up, Corey’s life has changed for the better. With the pup’s help, he’s spending more time outside of the house with friends and even plans to go back to work soon.

Roman got a pretty good deal too. He went from abandoned to a lifelong home and a full-time job. Sweet face, even sweeter boy!


This love story marks Canine For Service’s 100th paired dog and veteran team! That means 200 lives changed for good.

When you purchase any of these items on the iHeartDogs Store, 20% of sales help fund life-changing veteran and companion dog matches like Corey and Roman! You all keep providing support and we’ll keep providing touching tales like this one.

Featured Image courtesy of Canines For Service

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