A Dog Named Sharknado Needed A Home, So The Movie’s Director Stepped Up To Help

Choosing a name for a dog is tough. Some people select names from their favorite books or movies, if it fits the dog of course. That was how a rescue dog named Sharknado got his name.

If you haven’t heard of the SyFy movie Sharknado, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a popular sci-fi/horror film about a shark-filled tornado wreaking havoc. Pretty funny name for a dog if you ask me (someone who has in fact seen three of the six Sharknado films.)

Sharknado is approximately 2 years old. He was brought to The Wood County Humane Society in Bowling Green Ohio on September 12th.

The Wood County Humane Society came up with a brilliant plan to get the pup adopted: dress Sharknado up like his namesake and reach out to the film’s director about him. Contacting famous people is usually a fruitless endeavor, but thankfully in this case it worked!

Anthony C. Ferrante, the movie’s director, posted on his own Twitter about Sharknado on September 18th, just 6 days after he’d been living at the shelter.

Insisting that “someone MUST adopt this dog,” Ferrante offered to donate an autographed Blu-ray of the first Sharknado movie to anyone willing to bring the little guy home. He even sent several follow-up tweets, tagging others including Sharknado’s producer and asking them to share and get involved in the dog’s adoption process.

The SyFy Network account eventually joined in the conversation on Twitter, likely giving the post the big boost it needed.

“He’s adorable! And we love the name, for obvious reasons.”

The shelter Sharknado had previously come from, Lucas County Canine Care And Control in Toledo, Ohio, also chimed in to praise the dog and push for his adoption.

We love that boy! He originally came from our shelter and we know he’s got to get adopted soon!

Sharknado’s Petfinder page has since been deleted, so it seems as though the director’s involvement did the trick! Hopefully he was adopted by a fan of the series, but if not his new family gained not only an adorable dog to love but a new crazy franchise to get hooked on.

The Wood County Humane Society is a private, non-profit shelter. In other words, they don’t receive any funding from national humane organizations for daily operations. Instead, the organization relies on earned revenue and the generosity of individual donors and businesses to fund everything they do, including humane investigations, food assistance programs, and educational presentations. You can give a donation to save some cuties like Sharknado here!

H/T: Sentinel Tribune

FEATURED IMAGE: @oneilcassidy/Twitter

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