A Five-Year-Old Boy With Autism Is Missing His Therapy Dog. Their Family Is Asking For Help To Find Her.

A family in Kansas City, Kansas is asking for help to find their missing family member. Paul Carney and his wife, Cailey Kroesen Carney let their dog out for a bathroom break on September 29th. Heidi, a large, Bernese Mountain dog, did not come back. It’s a scenario they never dreamed would happen. You see, Heidi is more than just a furry family member. She is a nurturer, a companion, and a therapy dog for her human brother, Reed.

Heidi Was The Missing Piece They Didn’t Know They Needed

The Carney’s five-year-old son was diagnosed with autism. Heidi took it upon herself to nurture Reed because she had been a therapy dog in the past for another child who had autism. Unfortunately, Heidi had to be re-homed because her first boy became aggressive. Cailey knew that Heidi was meant to be in their family the second she laid eyes on her.

The moment I found her photo on Facebook looking to rehome, I KNEW she was ours. It was in her eyes. And from the day we got her, those eyes did more than scan for food. They saw your soul….and you could see hers,” Cailey said in an emotional Facebook post.

Heidi, or Heidi Grace as her family calls her, was adopted into the Carney family before Reed was even given his diagnosis in May of this year.

“It was kind of like she knew there was something about him. There was something she saw in his behavior that triggered some of the therapy dog training,” Paul Carney told Fox 4.

It was a interesting twist of fate as if Heidi was meant to join their family. Reed is really struggling without his Heidi Grace, of course. His routine is off and a routine means everything for people living with autism.

Heidi Sightings From State To State

Heidi’s family has taken to Facebook to ask for help. There have been several possible sightings but still no Heidi. People in the community think they have even seen her in just over state lines in Missouri. Heidi’s mom says her sweet girl is known around their neighborhood as “that big dog.” The family says she may look intimidating but she is really sweet and probably scared.

Paul Carney made an emotional tribute on his Facebook page.

Not a moment goes by that we don’t miss you and your random shenanigans. Whether it be the clumps of “Heidi Hair” all over the floors or you begging us for a bite of whatever we are eating. What we wouldn’t give to be able to cuddle with you are [sic] get a great big hug after a difficult day,” he said. “We haven’t given up on finding you. And myself, I have often daydreamed of what that reunion might be like. I have tried to put on a brave face. Especially in front of the kids. But, I would also be lying if I said I hadn’t cried because of your absence. I just want you to come back home. Wherever you are. We all miss you.”

Protected Under The Stars

The family hopes to be narrowing in on her whereabouts as sightings continue to come in. She was wearing a pink camo bandana in addition to her collar when she went missing. Heidi also has a tag on her collar. They’ve started a Facebook page to keep everyone up to date on Heidi sightings. The Carney family is desperately holding out hope.

Her grieving dad went on to say, “As I look outside, and stare at that great big moon, I hope that you are doing the same and hoping that you will find the right person to bring you back to your family. We love you Heidi. Please come home soon.”

h/t: Fox 4 KC

Featured Photo: @HelpBringHeidiHome/Facebook

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