A Recent Study Set Out To Crack the Code On Dog People

It’s official, you are not alone in your overwhelming urge to spoil your beloved companion. While you probably won’t be shocked by the results of this study if you’re a dedicated dog parent, you may think some of the results are pretty funny.

Being a dog parent, you know just how much validity there is to the fact that we often treat our pups like family. Well, a recent Rover study set out to examine just how special the bond between human and dog is, and the lengths we’ll go to make them feel special in our home. Rover wanted to understand what exactly defines a dog person, and the efforts we’ll make just to keep our pups happy.

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This report included thousands of responses from dog lovers across the country, as well as scientific study to back their answers. At the end of their research, it was clear that dogs have surpassed simple ownership in our hearts, but have begun to instead represent family.

There are currently more than 54 million households with a dog in the United States, and the number is skyrocketing as pet parents embrace the humanization of pets. As a result, dogs are now present in all the places their pet parents frequent, and they’re treated just like other members of the family. While this is no surprise to die-hard dog lovers like us, the following facts may cause you to chuckle.

rover studyrover study

Rover’s study on dog people confirmed:

  • One in four pet parents have brought their pet on a date.
  • Most dog people (65 percent) admitted to taking more photos of their dog than their significant other!
  • 51 percent of dog people sing to their dog, while 24 percent of them make up their own songs for their dogs.
  • Each month, nearly 3,000 google searchers ask, “Does my dog love me?”
  • Almost half (47 percent) of those with a significant other admit they’d find it harder to leave their dog for a week than their human partner.
  • 56 percent of dog people say hello to their dog first when they come home, before greeting the rest of the family.
  • Almost half (48 percent) of people admitted to leaving work early to let their dog outside.
  • 39 percent of dog owners have ordered something personalized for their dog.
  • The majority of dog people (78 percent) would include their dog in family moments like marriage proposals, holiday cards and vacations.
  • 29 percent of people post more photos of their dogs on social media than themselves or other members of their family.
  • One in three pet parents have shed a tear when leaving their dog at home.
  • The majority of dog owners (56 percent) have celebrated their dog’s birthday.
  • 3 out of 4 pet parents use their dog or dog videos as a pick-me-up during a rough day.
rover studyrover study

So how many of these statistics can you admit to doing? Let us know!

H/T: wkrg.com

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