A Super Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea for the Dog Dad in Your Life

Are you stumped on what to give a special Pup Papa this year for Father’s Day? Does the father of your brood already have everything? Is he all tech-ed out, geared up, and well stocked on all the usual fair? If you’re looking for a unique, interesting, and informative gift for any dad in your life, consider gifting him an Insights Microbiome Kit from the folks that deliver fresh pet food to your door, Nom Nom Now. 

What’s a Microbiome Kit?

If your dude loves his dog and science, he is going to totally nerd out over the data he will soon be combing through about his dog’s microbiome. What’s a microbiome, you ask? It’s the environment inside your dog’s digestive system. It is made up of trillions of bacteria that are necessary for digestion and protect your pup from pathogens. In fact, microbiomes have a profound impact on overall health.

The Insights Microbiome Kit is a unique tool that provides an unprecedented look at your beloved pup from the inside out. The kit gives users a detailed analysis of the bacteria present in your dog’s microbiome and suggests ways to improve gut health.

Poop Czar and Director of Microbiology

Nom Nom Now employs Dr. Ryan Honaker, an expert in the field of gut microbiology, to lead cutting-edge research to better understand the microbiome of dogs and cats and its role in health, nutrition, and disease. Not only is he super qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable in this area of study, he is passionately interested in it. He didn’t take the title of Poop Czar for nothing! He represents the brains behind the microbiome research and analysis being conducted at Nom Nom Now.

Why Should I Better Understand my Pup’s Microbiome?

The Insights Microbiome Kit is a thoughtful gift for any pet parent who wants to know more about their pet’s health. The microbiome in humans and in pets can affect mood, skin health, weight, digestion, immunity, and much more.

There are many possibilities regarding the impact of microbiome tracking as a diagnosis for illnesses, and its manipulation by diet, prebiotics, and probiotics for treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases across multiple fields.

While the gut microbiota typically work to keep your dog healthy, the population may become imbalanced, a condition called dysbiosis. This imbalance often causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal lining, which can become a long-term problem. Chromic inflammation causes a host of health problems, including the possible development of cancer.

Learning how to address imbalances in the microbiome will lead to a healthier, happier, dog. Understanding your dog’s gut helps you inform their future, discover their unique needs, and restore balance to this critical environment.

Do you have pet insurance? Some policies pay for microbiome testing. Check out a list here.

How Does the Kit Work?

After your kit arrives you will take a stool sample and send it back to Nom Nom Now in the provided envelope. You will fill out a health assessment on your pup and register your sample. In 2-5 weeks, your insightful report will arrive providing an excellent baseline for gut health that can be tracked throughout a pet’s life.

The report will show you:

  • The composition and diversity of the microorganisms living in your pup’s gut.
  • The prevalence of particular bacteria to other healthy canines.
  • Identified existing imbalances.
  • Recommendations for expertly formulated pre- and probiotics
  • Recommended changes in diet.

The field of study concerning the microbiome and its impact on health is an exciting and changing landscape. Nom Nom Now is at the forefront of that work in the pet health industry. Staffed by experts, they develop products based on research. Show that special Pup Papa in your life that you get the bond he has with his best friend. Give him the gift of knowing her all that much better. Get it today for a discounted price, exclusively for the iHeartDogs community.

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