Adoptable Dog Aids In Shelter Volunteer’s Surprise Proposal

Theresa Lee was performing her usual volunteer duties at the Denver Animal Shelter when she discovered a note attached to one of the adoptable dogs.


When she looked up, there was her boyfriend Teddie Simos holding an engagement ring!

Before saying yes, Lee had two questions for her beau of three years:

  1. Are you serious?!
  2. Are we getting this dog?

While the couple did not adopt the little white dog that aided in their proposal, they definitely plan to be a rescue family. They also hope that the publicity generated by their story will encourage others to get involved with their local shelters.

“In the back areas there are so many cats and dogs that need families,” Lee said. “The staff truly care.. it’s hard for them to get enough help.”

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H/T to Fox31 Denver

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