Adoptable Dog Saves Volunteer From Kidnapping Attempt

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in La Vergne, Tennessee has been looking to move locations for a while now. They decided to pause fundraisers for a new location during the coronavirus though. Yet, a frightening event recently pushed them to seek donations again.

The rescue has always had problems with crime in their area. For a while, it was just small things, but recently, it became more serious. The young female volunteers were often harassed. It got to the point where one girl’s life was at risk. Luckily, a brave rescue pup was there to save her.

Rescue Dog Saves the Day

A kidnapping situation caused the rescue to seek change for their organization. One of the young female employees walked Jepson the Great Pyrenees at 9:30 am. Most of the dogs at the facility enjoy long walks since they’re large breeds that are often full of energy. But this walk turned out to be anything but fun.

Great Pyrenees Hero
Image: @bigfluffydogrescue/Facebook

At one point, the volunteer bent down to pet the pup with her back facing the road. Suddenly, Jepson went crazy. He barked and tried to pull himself toward the road. When the girl turned around, she saw a white van with two men getting out. The men walked toward her without saying a word. But Jepson refused to calm down.

When the men realized that they couldn’t get past the brave dog, they rushed back into their van and sped off. If Jepson hadn’t been walking with the volunteer, then things would’ve been much worse. The rescue took this as a sign that it was finally time to move to a safer location.

Jepson is only four years old, and he’s newer to the rescue. When he was saved from a hoarding situation, he had a bad case of mange. But now, he has healed and he’s looking for a foster home and a forever home if possible. He’s friendly around cats, dogs, and humans, as long as those humans aren’t trying to hurt someone.

Great Pyrenees with MangeGreat Pyrenees with Mange
Image: @bigfluffydogrescue/Facebook

Time for a Change

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue started gathering donations again in hopes of moving as soon as possible. For now, they are limiting dog walks and only taking them out during daylight. Volunteers must walk the dogs in pairs at all times. To substitute for fewer walks, the volunteers are giving the dogs more playtime, but they know that most of the dogs miss their daily walks. So, they need a place where the volunteers can feel safe and the dogs can feel happy.

If this rescue were to buy a new place, it would cost them around $600,000. They’re doubtful that they’ll raise that much money during the pandemic, especially with so many large dogs to feed. So, they’re looking to rent a place even though options are limited. They’re looking for a property that’s at least 6000 to 8000 square feet. They can only afford about $4,000 a month.

Big Fluffy Dog RescueBig Fluffy Dog Rescue
Image: @bigfluffydogrescue/Facebook

If you know of a safer place that the rescue could move to, then please contact them. Also, please donate to help them with their move if possible. All the volunteers that work there and all the dogs that live there deserve to be as safe as possible.

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Featured Image: @bigfluffydogrescue/Facebook

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