Adoptable Puppies Pose For The Sweetest Easter Photoshoot

There is nothing cuter than a litter of puppies posed in adorable perfection. Brown Dog Coalition and Rescue teamed up with Maglee Photography to promote animal adoption and celebrate the season with the cutest Easter photoshoot of all time. This collection of cuteness is sure to brighten up your day and remind everyone of the hope and optimism associated with this season.

Image Courtesy Maglee Photography
Image Courtesy Maglee Photography

These Cuties are Litter Mates

Brown Dog Coalition, in Hopkinton, MA rescued these puppies and their mom, Ginger, from an overcrowded southern shelter. The family of eight was whisked away to safety days before the pandemic evolved and when they needed rescuing the most! The puppies were each named for a type of tea, owing to the warmth and comfort they are sure to bring their new families upon adoption. Check out Chai, Rooibos, Chamomile, Irish, Earl, Grey, and Matcha. An easter basket, speckled eggs, pastel plaid bowties, and adorable rescued puppies make for plenty of “awww!” moments.

Image Courtesy Maglee Photography
Image Courtesy Maglee Photography

Puppies Posed in Their Sunday Best

The puppies posed in their Sunday Best for animal photographer, Jen Durkin of Maglee Photography. Not only do these cute captures provide a keepsake for the lucky Brown Dog Coalition adopters, but they also promote rescue animal adoption in general. Adoption is always best! Now more than ever, shelters and rescues need help from loving families who are willing to take home a dog in need.

This family of dogs were rescued from a partner organization in Alabama and made a transfer via car all the way to Massachusetts. Ginger and her teacup pups have been brewing to perfection in a loving foster home ever since.

Image Courtesy Maglee Photography
Image Courtesy Maglee Photography

Interested in Adoption? Please Read On!

If you are interested in adopting one of these perfectly steeped cups of sweet tea, please carefully read the entirety of the Brown Dog Coalition adoption profile on their website first! After you have thoughtfully discussed the lifetime commitment of adoption with your entire household, fill out an application at

Brown Dog Coalition’s friendly reminders:
• Puppies/dogs may not be given as gifts or surprises.
• Please thoughtfully discuss with your entire household the caretaking, financial, and emotional responsibilities of a puppy BEFORE applying to adopt. Adoption is a commitment for the whole life of the puppy (10+ years).
• Enrolling in a (remote/online) puppy training class with a certified dog trainer is required for adoption.
• More information about their application and adoption fee can be found at

All photos courtesy of Maglee Photography

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