Adopted Girl Raises Funds to Help Senior Dogs Get Adopted

Meena Kumar is a 14-year-old hero and philanthropist. She knows firsthand how adoption changes lives. Meena herself was adopted. Now, she has donated an impressive $14,000 to Muttville, a senior dog rescue organization, to help ensure some special dogs get their forever family, just like she did.

Image Jayashree Subrahmonia via CNN

Abandoned in a Basket at 9 Months Old

Meena was a 9-month-old baby when she was found in a basket on a college campus in Pune, India. Abandoned, she was placed in the care of an orphanage. She stayed at the orphanage for one year. At last, a couple adopted her in Mumbai. They eventually moved to San Jose, California as a family.

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A Special Place in Her Heart for Senior Dogs

Meena discovered her love of dogs very early in life. During their time in Mumbai, she loved to take care of a litter of puppies that were in her home. After the family moved to California, a young and caring Meena would spend her weekends visiting the local Humane Society.

One of her neighbors told her about Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. The organization’s website says that they give senior dogs a “second chance at life.” The rescue is completely cage-free and takes in seniors dogs that are otherwise overlooked in a regular shelter. Muttville runs with the help of volunteers and places about 1000 senior dogs in permanent homes every year.

Meena started working with the group and realized that these special dogs needed even more help than other rescue dogs. She told CNN, “More people should adopt senior dogs. They give you the same unconditional love as any other dog.” 

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Her Love of Dogs Launches a Pet-Sitting Business

Meena knows better than most what it means to be without a forever family. She decided that she wanted to do whatever she could to help senior dogs find their new home, just like she did when she was finally adopted. She had a brilliant idea.

She decided to launch her own pet sitting service that would raise money to support Muttville. She told CNN, “You are never too young to start a business.” The young and big-hearted teenager has been caring for pets at her own home for several years.

Image Muttville Senior Dog Rescue/Facebook

$14,000 Donated to Muttville So Far

Meena earned $7,000 providing pet sitting services in her home. Her adopted father works for Intel. They matched Meena’s donation through a corporate donation program called Intel Volunteer Matching Grant Program.

Meena’s whopping $14,ooo donation is only the beginning. She plans to continue working and supporting Muttville. She encourages anyone thinking about adopting to choose a senior, especially during the pandemic. She told CNN, “We need their love more than ever.”

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Featured Image Jayashree Subrahmonia via CNN

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