Adorable Dog Hilariously Apologizes For Busting Out Of Window Screen

One of the things that make our dogs so adorable is their ability to find mischief wherever they go. Sure, it can be frustrating and sometimes quite expensive! When their sweet little faces realize their guilt, we just can’t help but forgive them.

Whether it’s a pair of half-eaten shoes, a mysteriously exploded couch cushion, or a squishy midnight surprise between the toes on a dimly lit bathroom trip, we tend to forgive their antics in record time.

The Curious Case Of The Broken Window Screen

This was the case with a mischievous escape artist by the name of Layla. Layla’s mom had found that a screen in her window had been torn out from the inside. As remnants of the screen hung outside the window much like a flag signifying a conquest, Layla stood off to the side heavily drenched in guilt.

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

Layla’s mom asked, “What happened?” To which Layla hilariously let out a yawn as if she was bored by the inquisition. This snarky yawn was quickly followed by a cry of guilt and remorse.

The video shows Layla laying at her mom’s feet. She rolled over onto her back, assuming the position of submission. Conveniently, this is also the optimal position for belly rubs. Belly rubs were exactly what this bad girl got! It’s REALLY hard to resist such a precious face, after all.

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

Layla Had Some Failed Attempts At Throwing Off The Investigation

Layla’s mom took a stroll closer to the window to inspect the damage. The mischievous pup tried her best to distract her mom with a playful tug at her shorts, but Layla was unable to redirect her mom’s attention.

While Layla’s mom pointed to the busted screen, she asked the suspected culprit, “What is this? Is this you?”

Layla’s look of pure guilt said it all! Her adorable face was overflowing with the weight guilty conscience.

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

We have to admit, Layla’s non-stop tail wagging does do a pretty good job of diffusing the situation. Luckily for Layla, she appears to have been found safe and sound in her own yard. Her adventures didn’t take her very far from the scene of the crime.

screenshot, @ViralHog/YouTube

What can we say? Girls just wanna have fun!

The video was originally posted on July 29th, so Layla has had a few days to stew in her own guilt (and con her mom out of more belly rubs). You can watch the entire hilarious video here!

h/t: @ViralHog/YouTube

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