After Being Attacked By a Madman, This Loving Man Adopted His Assailant’s Dog

As we all know, dogs are good-natured, loving creatures. They don’t seek out to harm humans. Nothing exemplifies this more than the recent experience of a French man. He was assaulted and his assailant attempted to use his dog as a weapon. But the calm, loving canine refused to be part of the nefarious act.

Thomas and Xena
​Source: Thomas Céline Berredjem

An Unthinkable Crime

A 29-year-old Frenchman named Thomas Berredjem delivers newspapers in Castelsarrasin, France. It’s unclear why, but one day he endured an awful attack. During the altercation, the attacker had his Staffordshire Bull Terrier by his side. He urged his dog to go after Thomas several times.

Thankfully, the dog did not listen to her human. In fact, she did the opposite!

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier approached Thomas gently, but she didn’t attack him. Thomas reported that the sweet canine appeared afraid of her human. We can’t say that we blame her!

The docile pup provided comfort by licking Thomas. Incredible! It sounds like she knew her human was up to no good. Unfortunately, her furious human began to attack Thomas.

We’re not surprised by the loving nature of this dog. Staffordshire Bull Terriers have the nickname “nanny dogs” because they’re known to play gently with children.

Xenda dogXenda dog
​Source: Thomas Céline Berredjem

New Life for a Sweet Pup

After the attack, authorities arrested the assailant. While he waited for trial, the attacker was under the custody of law enforcement, and his dog needed a new home.

When Thomas found out she needed a place to live, he couldn’t think of a better home for her than with him. He wrote this on Facebook [translated]

“It was inconceivable for me to let her pay for someone else’s mistakes. This dog touched me profoundly, so I fought to adopt her!”

Thomas decided to name the dog Xena. The name fits, don’t you think? She sounds like a gentle warrior princess to us!

Now, the pair lives together in the southern French city. Thomas displayed a beautiful sense of humanity in taking this dog in. We bet Xena loves living with a calm and loving human, as opposed to her former roommate.

Although the circumstances that brought them together were extremely unpleasant, we are thrilled these two found each other. We wish them a peaceful life, free from the aggressiveness of Xena’s former human.

Featured image c/o Thomas Céline Berredjem Facebook

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