After Horrible Car Crash, Missing Terrier Found 78 Miles from Accident

Imagine this: you endure a horrific car crash. Thankfully, you manage to survive the disaster. But something is not right. Your beloved dog went missing in the chaotic aftermath of the crash. Sounds pretty awful, right? For one California woman this horrible scenario became reality. But in the end, she finally found her missing pup, but you won’t believe where.

A Reunion Fit for a Princess

Two months ago, a seven-year-old Terrier-mix named Princess and her mother survived a serious car crash in Berkeley, California. In the midst of the carnage, Princess was thrown from the vehicle. The confused and frightened pup ran away.

Heartwarming Video As Family Reunites With Pup That Went Missing After Near-Fatal Crash 

Somehow, Princess made a 78-mile trek from Berkeley (near San Francisco) to Sacramento. No one knows how the pup walked that far and how she survived along the way. Princess displayed a dog’s tenacity and resiliency.

In late May, a local found Princess and brought her to the Front Street Shelter in Sacramento. Shelter spokesman Bobby Mann told The Sacramento Bee Princess was very well-liked.

He said, “She’s a super sweet dog. She’s the type of dog who quickly bonded with anybody. So obviously her family took really good care of her.”

Princess loved attention and made her displeasure known when she was left alone. Bobby said she yelped loudly. “It essentially turned off new adopters because they said this dog was really loud. It seemed like her family was looking for her, and she was giving them the time to find her.”

Meanwhile, Princess’ mom was combing through shelter websites. Eventually, she stumbled across the Front Street Shelter and saw her dog. Princess’ mom reached out immediately.

Bobby said, “[Princess’ mom] called and identified her dog, and we were very excited about that.”

The two were reunited last week. Princess and her mom were overjoyed to finally be together again. We love a happy ending!

H/T The Sacramento Bee
Featured Image c/o Front Street Animal Shelter Facebook

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