After Unthinkable Neglect This Injured, Sick Dog Was Saved By A Good Samaritan

An ordinary commute turned into something extraordinary when a woman noticed something living on the side of the road. To her horror, it was a badly injured dog that needed medical attention as soon as possible. She jumped into action.

Harris recovering from injuries 2
​Source: KMOV St. Louis YouTube

Battling to Survive

A Good Samaritan saw an abandoned dog on the side of a St. Louis highway. She immediately rushed over to help. The dog, who was later named Harris, was severely emaciated and wrapped in a blanket. Harris had wounds that hinted of abuse. The wounds were infected from being covered in urine and feces.

The situation was critical. The woman took Harris to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. He received immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, his condition made Harris not want to eat. He wouldn’t touch any food and showed little responsiveness. His doctors gave him antibiotics and pain meds. They fed Harris with a tube.

Stray Rescue and the local media covered Harris’ story and it spread internationally. People were horrified by the abuse and they wanted to help. That’s when the packages started arriving. Harris received St. Francis medals, well wishes, blankets, toys, treats, cards addressed to him and prayers. Stray Rescue said Harris needed bandages, and his well wishers sent them in the mail.

Harris is still recovering. However, he recently began to eat food on his own! This pup’s resiliency is unprecedented. Despite what he endured, he continues to improve. Once Harris is fully healed, he will be put up for adoption. Watch his story below.

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