Air-Conditioned Dog Houses Let Your Pup Go Where You Go


A Brooklyn-based business created by a loving dog mom is being compared to successful ventures like Uber and Airbnb.

Chelsea Brownridge came up with the idea for DogSpot while living through the dog days of summer in New York with her rescue pooch, Winston.

“He has a ton of energy so to get him out of the house on as many walks as possible was really important,” she said. “I started to realize how many times he couldn’t come with me outside because I’d just be going to a store or restaurant for a few minutes.”

Brownridge decided there had to be a better solution than leaving poor Winston at home – or dog forbid, in a hot car, which is a dangerously common problem in less walkable cities.

Along with her co-founder, Todd Schechter, the entrepreneur worked nights and weekends to launch DogSpot, a series of air-conditioned doghouses now appearing on sidewalks outside of restaurants and stores across the country.

Dog parents can use an app to reserve a nearby ventillated mini-house up to 15 minutes in advance, paying 30 cents per minute or signing up for a $19.99 monthly membership. The owners are then free to enjoy a quick bite or run an errand while their pooch rests safely and comfortably.

“The average stay is around 15 minutes,” said Brownridge. “Which is exactly what we designed it for, to be able to live an active life with your dog but allow the dog to be comfortable too.”

Once in use, the houses can only be unlocked by the specific dog owner via the app to ensure safety. The app also allows nervous pup parents to monitor their dogs through a webcam.

While originally created for hot weather, the houses also have heated floors for use during the colder months. They are self-cleaned after each use via UV lights and manually washed each day.

The majority of DogSpot air-conditioned houses are currently located in Brooklyn, but two restaurants in Ferndale, Michigan recently added them to their sidewalks, and the company has received letters of invitation from officials in Orlando, Florida, and Kansas City, Missouri.

They also plan to launch in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Chattanooga, Southhampton, New York, Columbus, Ohio, and Charleston, South Carolina later this year.

DogSpot also plans to add new features including speakers to play soothing music or comfort your dog through your phone.

What do you think of this new safety option for dogs? Would you use a DogSpot air-conditioned doghouse if they came to your city?

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