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Have you ever wondered what life is like for dogs and animal rescuers in other parts of the world? Well, I certainly have, and that desire to learn more is what brought me to where I am today.

A Bit About Me

My name is Amber. I am a Licensed Vet Tech on a mission to spread awareness on animal welfare around the world. I spent the last ten years of my life working in veterinary medicine and animal rescue in the United States. While I absolutely loved my career and the ability to help animals at home, I always wondered if my skills could benefit other parts of the world that didn’t have access to the tools we’re fortunate enough to have here.


I began participating in one volunteer trip a year starting in 2015 to other animal rescues around the world, and in those experiences, I learned that there’s an important message that needs to be spread. We tend to have a preconceived idea of what life is like in other parts of the world and how they treat their animals, but the reality is so much more complicated.

My Mission

I’ll admit, I judged animal welfare in lesser developed countries before I started traveling. I believed that everything was black and white. I thought the issues with animal care should simply resolve themselves with the snap of a finger. What I hadn’t yet known though was the kind hearts of the people who reside in these countries, the deep struggles they face each day, and the dedicated animal rescuers who are fighting for the well-being of animals in their country.  

ihd around the world

Though other parts of the world are often painted in a negative light when it comes to animal welfare, I’ve learned that a huge factor of worldwide animal neglect is not due to the inability to love animals. However, it’s a result of poor education on animal well-being.

 It’s not that any other country is more cruel than another. It’s the fact that they lack the resources and education that we have for our animals back home. While evil humans do exist overseas as they do back home, there are passionate animal advocates in tenfold.

In my travels I see children playing hand in hand with street dogs, I see local men filling plates to feed the hungry cats that live in the alley behind their homes, and I see families treat their animal companions as treasured members of their family. I promise you they care; they just need help.

iheartdogs around the world

I want to show you just how hard these animal rescuers are working to improve the lives of animals overseas, and hopefully, open your mind to helping these rescues through understanding their efforts.

Working With iHD

I started working with iHeartDogs as a writer in the last year and have seen just how passionate the iHD supporters are in their love for our furry friends. iHeartDogs supports the welfare of animals in each corner of the globe and has offered me the chance to shine a light on the incredible work of the rescues in the countries I visit.

ihd around the world

So here I am, beginning my full-time traveling adventure in an effort to spread awareness on animal welfare in lesser developed parts of the world, spread proper education on veterinary care, and help bring attention to those who are fighting day in and day out for a better life for the furry friends that roam their streets.

I’ll be sharing weekly posts that dive into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about life abroad for our beloved companions. Whether it’s veterinary care, daily life, stray pets, local perception of how we treat our animals in the US; you name it! Come along with me and discover a life unlike our own and help the animals we love so dearly in the process. First stop, Cambodia!

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Image Source: VetTechandTravel/Instagram & PPAWS/FB

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