Amy Adams Plays A Woman Turning Into A Dog In Upcoming Film

Our dogs have the best lives. They get to nap as much as they want and they get endless amounts of attention. But most people wouldn’t necessarily want to turn into a dog. Yet, in an upcoming movie starring Amy Adams, that’s exactly what happens to her.

It was recently announced that Adams will play the lead role in the upcoming movie Nightbitch. It’s an adaptation of Rachel Yoder’s upcoming novel, which has a rather unusual plot. Yet, it’s intriguing to imagine a person turning into their furry friend, no matter how strange the idea might seem.

Amy Adams is known as a proud dog mom. She has been seen with Sadie, a small black and brown pup, and Pippy, a small brown dog who recently passed away. Now, she’ll get to play a dog on screen. Well, sort of. The role might not be exactly what people are expecting.

Amy Adams and Dogs
Image: @itsamyadams/Instagram

What is Nightbitch?

The novel Nightbitch will be released first, so it’s assumed that the film’s plot will closely follow the book. This will be Yoder’s debut novel, and it’s certainly a unique concept. Here is the plot that’s posted on her website:

“In ‘Nightbitch,’ an unnamed woman and former artist, thrust into stay-at-home domesticity after the birth of her son, becomes worried she’s turning into a dog. Her husband, who travels for work five days a week, easily dismisses her fears from hotel rooms. Meanwhile, the mother is forced to contend with the very real physical manifestations of her solitary anxiety, with only her two-year-old son for company. As her symptoms intensify, she struggles to keep her alter-canine-identity secret. Finally jolted to action after an impulsive and disastrous encounter with the family cat, she seeks a cure for her condition in an herbal multi-level marketing scheme, a group of mommies all inexplicably named Jen, and Wanda White, a mysterious academic specializing in ‘mythical ethnography.’”

Amy AdamsAmy Adams
Image: @itsamyadams/Instagram

So, it’s not exactly the dog movie you’d expect. From the point of view of Adams’ character, it will seem like she’s really turning into a dog. However, the film is actually a dark comedy about motherhood.

When Will it Come Out?

The novel is set to be published by Doubleday in summer 2021. Yet, there isn’t any news about the production of the film just yet. All that has been announced so far is that the film will be created by Annapurna Pictures and that Adams will be the star. Adams has worked with this company for multiple films already. These films include The MasterAmerican HustleVice, and Her, all of which gave her Oscar nominations except Her.

This will definitely be a unique film, especially for all the dog lovers watching. For now, we just have to wait until more news is announced. So, we might as well watch some more traditional dog movies in the meantime. After all, who can resist a movie involving dogs?

Amy Adams and Her DogsAmy Adams and Her Dogs
Image: @itsamyadams/Instagram

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Featured Image: @itsamyadams/Instagram

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