Arkansas City Finally Ends Ban on Pit Bulls…With a Catch

A ten-year ban on Pit Bulls has finally come to an end for one Arkansas city. For the last decade, Cabot has not allowed residents to have a Pit. Now things have changed for the good.

Cabot City Ends Ban on Pit Bulls
​Source: KATV​

Ordinance no more

Residents of Cabot, Arkansas, were not allowed to have Pit Bulls in their homes. Thankfully, that ban was lifted in April 2019 and the people of the city can now have these pooches.

Cabot Animal Services Director Mike Wheeler told KATV, “We’ve been working on this for ten years to get this point.”

The news couldn’t have come soon enough for the people of Cabot. Within one hour of opening, someone adopted a Pit from the Cabot shelter.

“Somebody specifically went out and found them a new dog and they registered today. We’re ready,” Wheeler said.

It’s fantastic news the Pits are adoptable. Unfortunately, there are some stipulations to take one of these pups home. These rules don’t apply to other dogs – only Pits. Their humans need to register their dogs with the city. Anyone with a Pit needs to obtain a $150 annual permit. Also, the Pits must be up to date on vaccines and have a microchip.

All too often, the media portrays Pits as vicious dogs, but we know they are just as sweet and loving as any other breed. We wish this stigma would go away. Pit Bulls are wonderful pooches, too!

Allowing Pit adoptions will greatly benefit Cabot Animal Services. Wheeler said, “Being able to adopt them out gives us more kennel space to save more lives.”

Another benefit of the program? Inspiration for neighboring communities. “It’s been a long time coming. We’re excited to see the response we’re getting from the city, the citizens, and other cities around that are now pushing for the same thing,” Wheeler said.

If you live near Cabot and want one of these Pits, Cabot Animal Services has six that are adoptable.

Meet some of these sweet pups in the video below.

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Feature Image: KATV

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