Atlanta Airport Officials Explain $3.9 Million Price Tag For Dog Bathrooms


Atlanta’s Hartford-Jackson International Airport had some explaining to do to their city council when they handed over a bill for nearly 4 million dollars – for doggy bathrooms!

The airport recently finished construction on 7 new bathrooms for dogs that it is required by federal law to have. The requirement only states that the airport have a place for service dogs to “relieve themselves,” but the area is pretty cute! Probably much swankier than the bushes your pup is used to peeing on. Probably nicer than some of the public people-bathrooms you’ve seen.

Your dog can answer the call of nature while you’re laid over in ATL, and like any good pup-parent, you can spray it away with the provided utilities to keep the bathroom clean for the next furry visitor. There’s also a place for you to wash your hands once you’re done handling your dog’s mess. Thanks for cleaning up.

The 3.9 million dollars wasn’t spent on astroturf and fake fire hydrants, though, and City Councilpeople wanted to know why the price was so high. Airport representatives attribute the high cost to the fact that most of the construction had to be done at night during red-eye hours, and existing facilities needed to be torn down to make room for the puppy-poo stations.

Atlanta isn’t the only airport with a nice place for your dog to do his business. Other cities like Dallas, Memphis, Denver and Philidelphia have similar setups in their airports, though we’re not sure what the price tags on those were like!

Ever wonder where the fees tacked on your ticket go? Airport officials are seeking permission to use funds from a $4.50 fee that all passengers passing through Hartford-Jackson already pay to help cover the cost. Do you think the facilities were worth the cost? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

Featured Photo: Mark Maidenburg/Facebook

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