Aussie Learns To Stand On His Hind Legs To Hug His Horse BFF

Orion, the Aussie, spends his days working alongside his human in beautiful countryside of Sweden. After a long day of work, there is nothing he loves more than hanging out with his favorite equine friend, and squeezing in as many hugs as possible.

Orion and Destiny have a friendship unlike any other. While some horses feel a bit nervous around their canine helpers on the farm, Destiny knows that Orion is special.

Their adorable friendship began when Orion was just a baby. He would look up to Destiny with such intense curiosity, as if he was wondering what made them so different. One day, he worked up the courage to jump up on his hind legs, and give her a big puppy kiss. From that point on, that became the standard on how they insisted on greeting each other.Their friendship has blossomed so much, that it’s as if these two can’t even go a day without each other in their lives.

Aside from Orion’s special relationship with Destiny, are the other pretty incredible parts of this lucky pup’s life.

Since Orion lives out his life on a working farm, he gets to be a part of some amazing outdoor adventures. He gets to hike through the hills, swim for hours in a nearby lake, and help his mom with all of the daily tasks on their land. Destiny gets to tag along on these adventures as well, when she is brought along on their walks through the forest.

In their spare time, Orion takes part in local dog shows, where he gets to show off his incredible obedience. He is so impressive, that he has even been practicing in dog agility courses. Orion loves nothing more than training along side his mom, and he shows this in his incredible work ethic and dedication. It’s no doubt that Orion is a pup in a league of his own!

No matter how Orion spends his days, he knows that his very best pal is always ready and waiting for a big hug. There is nothing better than a true friendship, and these two can rest assured that they have found that in each other!

If you would like to see more of this adorable friendship, you can follow Orion on his very own Instagram page! We can’t wait to watch this incredible pair grow over the years to come, and see what other adorable adventures they get into!


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