Baked and Saucy: A Savory Combination Your Dog Will Dig

Food boredom is fur real. In fact, 63% of pet parents think that their pets get bored with their food. If you need to shake things up at meal time, take a look at an easy solution from the fine folks at “I and love and you”. It’s called Baked and Saucy. In just one bag of food, you can serve up the variety that your dog craves. She will find it positively drool-worthy and easy on the tummy, too!

Serving Baked & Saucy

Your dog will never guess that a dish filled with so much ‘yum’ was super easy to serve. When your pup’s tummy starts grumbling, simply fill the bowl with Baked & Saucy and pour warm water over it. Stir and voila! Your pup has a bowl of gravy and bits to rival any home cooked meal. Not feeling very saucy today? Baked & Saucy can also be served up dry. Chef’s choice!

Fresh Ingredients Baked to Perfect Bits

“I and love and you” starts with real, farm-raised meats as the first ingredient, making Baked & Saucy high in protein, as nature intended. Added to the mix is non-GMO produce like sweet potatoes and peas. Topping it off, a mouth-watering and rich bone broth coats each and every heart-shaped bite. These premium ingredients are slowly baked in small batches to preserve nutrients and flavor that you and your dog are going to love.

Carefully Selected Supplements and Probiotics

Baked & Saucy is loaded up with carefully selected vitamins, enzymes, folic acid, and fish oil to enhance the energy, vitality, and well being of your four legged friend. Pre- and probiotics strains specifically chosen for optimal digestive benefits ensure your pup can enjoy Baked & Saucy without tummy trouble. Set aside the stretchy pants, mama. Your pup won’t be needing them.

Leaves Out the Bad Stuff

Baked & Saucy is full of flavor, nutrition, and love. What is it lacking? All the yucky stuff. “I and love and you” never includes corn, wheat, rice, or barley grains. They leave out fillers like soy and white potatoes. By-product meals, preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors don’t even get a passing thought. Baked & Saucy is loaded with goodness and spared the bad stuff.

It’s Awesome Food, On the Fur Real-a

“I and love and you” creates only the highest quality products because they love keeping your pets healthy. Their products are formulated to include the optimal combination of complete, whole-food nutrition, and premium ingredients. They are slowly baked to preserve nutrients, like your mama made for you. It’s not plain, but it is just plain awesome.

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