Bali Resort Elevates Relaxation With Puppy Therapy For Guests

What does your perfect vacation look like? For some of us, it’s the beach. For others, it’s a major metropolitan getaway. But have you ever considered a trip that includes puppies? One Bali resort makes this dream a reality for its travelers. They have puppy therapy twice a week. Sign us up!

A Brilliant Idea

Recently, the Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Ubud, Bali introduced a new activity: free “puppy therapy” sessions twice a week for its guests. The hotel partners with the Bali Dog Association, a group working to end the suffering of homeless dogs on the Indonesian island.

Two afternoons a week, the association builds a small enclosed area by the pool. There the guests can sit and play with the rescue puppies. According to, the hotel started the ritual to help its visitors de-stress while visiting the hotel.

Puppy parties are not the only way the hotel aims to help their customers relax. They also offer free daily yoga classes. Sorry, you’ll have to do downward dog without dogs for this one.

Even better are the unbelievably low prices. Insider reports beds start as low as $22 a night. The cost includes free breakfast. The prices rise to around $69 a night for a private twin or double room with an ensuite bathroom.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you to pack your bags, guests love this place, too.

One reviewer said, “…the pool area is so relaxing and a great place to meet people, and the puppy therapy is exactly what you need if you’ve been traveling for a while and just need to see some happy animals.”

Yoga, puppies, and Bali? Sounds like the best vacation ever.

Indonesian Puppies In Action

Here are some more pictures of the zen-like retreat and the canine guests.

The ideal vacation.

Who doesn’t love some puppy time?

Looks like paradise!

Featured image c/o Puri Garden Hotel Instagram

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