Baristas Shower Customer With Heartfelt Letters & Gifts After Dog’s Death


On December 11, Margo Waldrop pulled up to her local Starbucks drive thru window just as she has every day since the store opened. As always, the baristas greeted Waldrop and her dogs enthusiastically.

But this day was different from the rest. Sadly, it was dog, Lily’s last day on Earth. She had cancer, and was scheduled to be euthanized later that day.

When Waldrop broke the news to the coffee shop employees, they treated the pooch to a Puppuccino and comforted the grieving dog mom.

Upon pulling up to the window the following day, Waldrop was surprised and overwhelmed to find that her friends at Starbucks had even more love and support to offer.

They presented her with a vase of flowers, a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread – Waldrop’s favorite – and several personal sympathy letters. They also paid for her daily coffee.

Later that morning, Waldrop posted photos of the flowers, letters and bread on Facebook. “I would like to remind you all how many wonderful people are in the world, something I was reminded of this morning,” the post began.

Waldrop went on to share her experience and express her gratitude to the folks responsible for shedding some light on a very dark day.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how good that made me feel. This team of baristas, and their manager Lars have made me feel so welcome since they opened the store almost a year ago. Such good people to remember that one of their regulars was going through a tough time. Thank you Starbucks!”

H/T to KOCO News 5

Featured Image via Margo Waldrop

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