Billie Eilish’s Dog Leaves Stinky Gifts All Over Her Sneaker Collection

If you’ve ever smelled something poopy and immediately turned into a detective the moment you arrive home, you’ll relate to this story. Grammy-winning pop sensation Billie Eilish recently solved a poop-related mystery and shared the stinky details with fans. The singer lives with her gray Pittie, who’s still under a year old.

In her Instagram story, Eilish explained she knew something was up when she got home and smelled poop. Her first thought was that she must have tracked it in.

“I walk into my room and I smell sh**. I’m like, damn, did I step on sh** in the yard and I came inside with it?”

When she didn’t find anything on the bottom of her shoe, she kept searching. Then, she discovered the disaster area: Piles of dog poop scattered across her iconic sneaker collection.


For those who don’t know, Eilish is somewhat of a fashion icon. Sneakers are a big part of her look. She even wears them on red carpets.


The green shoes covered in dog doo are Yeezy Sneakers… Foam Runners to be specific. They’re customized with Louis Vuitton print, so you can imagine that yes, they cost a pretty penny. The gray and black shoes are Nike Jordan 1’s, also very expensive.


Of course, when she found her dog to ask him to explain what he’d done, he gave her this face.


Yep, dogs know exactly what to do to get away with it. Who can stay mad? Pooping in shoes is a normal behavior, but it might be a sign of separation anxiety.


Eilish just adopted the pup towards the beginning of quarantine. He was a “foster fail” from Angel City Pit Bulls. Clearly, he’s still learning the ropes of polite living, but he’s cute as heck.

Tips For Cleaning Dog Poop Off Your Shoes

Not only does it stink, but dog poop also contains bacteria, so you don’t want it hanging around for long.

To clean the shoe:

  • Let wet poop dry so it can scrape off more easily.
  • Do any rinsing over the toilet or trash.
  • Wrap the shoe securely and put it in the freezer to get chunks out of shoe grooves.
  • Use an old toothbrush for a good scrub.

For the smell:

  • Seal the shoe in a bag with baking soda. It can kill powerful odors (which explains why it goes great in cat litter boxes.)
  • Pack the shoe with activated charcoal.

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H/T: Buzzfeed
Featured Image: @billieeilish/Instagram

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