Blind, Deaf Poodle Survives Being Taken By Hawk

Unfortunately, small dogs are at a disadvantage when it comes to defending themselves. They should never be left outside unattended because you never know what wild animals could be out there looking for a snack. Deborah Falcione thought her beloved pups were safe on her deck, but she quickly realized her mistake. Sadly, her deaf, blind, 6-pound Poodle named Porschia was snatched up by a hawk!

When Falcione realized that her 16-year-old dog was taken from the porch, she panicked and burst into tears. Her dogs are such an important part of her life, so she couldn’t bear the thought of losing them. She knew it was probably too late, but she and a group of friends looked all over for Porschia just in case.

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It soon got colder and darker outside, but they still hadn’t found Porschia. However, 28 hours after Porschia had been snatched, Falcione received a life-changing phone call.

It’s a Miracle!

The Banfield Animal Hospital called Falcione to let her know that her dog had been found. When Falcione heard this, she couldn’t believe it! She thought there was no way for the blind and deaf dog to survive for 28 hours. But she was proved wrong!

“I said, ‘That’s impossible!’ She could not have survived 28 hours out in the bitter cold weather, in 10-degree weather. This is a 6 1/2 pound dog. She’s blind, she’s deaf, she’s 16 years old,” Falcione said. “I went down there, and sure enough, this is the dog. The old dog with the strongest will to survive.”

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Porschia was found by a neighbor just a few blocks away from home. The poor little dog was incredibly cold and lethargic, but she had no other injuries or broken bones. The vets had kept her in a heating tank to help her warm up again.

Falcione has no idea how Porschia survived as long as she did, but she’s very grateful for this miracle. Despite everything she’s been through, Porschia clearly has such a strong will to live. The old pup wasn’t ready to give up just yet!

Should Dog Parents Be Concerned About Hawks?

Falcione will definitely be keeping a closer eye on her dogs from now on, but should all dog parents be scared of hawk attacks? Hawk Mountain, the world’s oldest refuge for birds of prey, says they don’t believe that Falcione’s pup was really taken by a hawk due to some facts. They agree that it’s tragic what happened, but they think it’s more likely that a different wild animal took her.

Hawk Mountain shared a post about some common rumors about raptors (birds of prey) to explain their theory:

“Even the largest raptors that live in Pennsylvania, such as the bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, or great horned owl, can carry a maximum of 4 pounds according to the literature,” posted Hawk Mountain. “Usually, raptor prey items weigh between 1 and 1.5 pounds. Porschia reportedly weighs 6.5 pounds meaning it was very unlikely that her kidnapper was actually a hawk.”

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Whatever the real story is, it’s still important to remember to always keep an eye on your dog when they’re outside. Even if they’re too big for a hawk to carry, there are still coyotes and foxes out there that can easily snatch up a small dog. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dog’s safety.

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