Blind Rescue Dog Has His Very Own Seeing Eye Dog


When a Cocker Spaniel named Kimchi was found abandoned and afraid on a lonely street in the Philippines, he was already mostly blind. It was 2012, and no one knew what the ailing dog’s life had been like before rescuers took him in. What they did know, however, was that Kimchi deserved better. Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) was determined to change his life. All they needed was the perfect family to take him home.

At a school event recently.

Posted by Ginger and Kimchi on Friday, August 17, 2018

With his sweet personality and cute, fuzzy face, Kimchi received attention from several possible adopters. More than one person put in an application for his adoption, but one family stood out. A husband, wife, and their Golden Retriever mix named Ginger fell in love with Kimchi almost the minute they first met. For Ginger, the instant connection was even more special. Due to poor socialization when she was a puppy, Ginger typically isn’t comfortable around other dogs. She bares her teeth and growls, and her owners were starting to think they would never find a dog Ginger liked. But then they met Kimchi.

Kimchi and Ginger have been AmbassaDOGs for 3 years and are often brought along when CARA is invited to give a talk….

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Before Ginger and her humans were introduced to Kimchi, they almost adopted a different dog. The humans in the family were ready to take the dog home, but Ginger wasn’t on board. She was aggressive toward the newcomer, and her owners knew it wasn’t the right fit. When they were leaving, they saw a small fuzzball of a dog walk near them. They decided to take a chance and introduce that dog to Ginger.

To everyone’s surprise, Ginger was calm and interested. The family went on a walk with the rescue dog, and Ginger even licked the dog’s head. For a reason unknown to everyone but Ginger and Kimchi, the two dogs acted like they belonged together. From that moment on, Ginger and Kimchi have been what their family calls “soul siblings.”

Kimchi and Ginger have been CARA AmbassaDOGs for 3 years and are often brought along to pet events, and on school and…

Posted by Ginger and Kimchi on Saturday, January 21, 2017

As the bond between Ginger and Kimchi grew, they started depending on each other more and more. Both are senior dogs, but by 2015, Kimchi was completely blind. Navigating the world was difficult, but his best friend Ginger knew exactly what he needed. Without any formal training, Ginger started serving as Kimchi’s seeing eye dog.

At home, Kimchi knows where everything is and walks around fine on his own. But in public, Ginger leads the way. Connected by a leash, Ginger gently guides Kimchi through crowds, up and down stairs, and across streets. According to their human family members on Facebook, the dogs enjoy spending time together. Kimchi genuinely relies on Ginger to be his eyes, and Ginger takes her responsibility seriously.

When they’re not exploring their city together, Ginger and Kimchi serve as “ambassaDOGS” helping show their community what CARA is all about. They even visit schools and hospitals to inspire others to be kind, compassionate, and resilient. The two best friends are together for life, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check them out on Facebook to learn more about their special relationship.

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