Board Rider Saves Kayaker’s Dog From Drowning In Rough Waters

As much as dogs love going on adventures with their humans, it’s also important to make sure they’re safe at all times. Unfortunately, when a man decided to go kayaking with his dog, he didn’t stop to think about the waves. In a calm body of water, the duo would’ve been fine, but there were massive waves at the time, which led to an unfortunate situation. When the waters got too rough for the little kayak, it flipped over, sending the man and his dog into the water. Luckily, board rider Vasco Vellez was nearby. While everyone else rushed to save the man, Vellez focused his attention on the dog instead.

Saving the Dog

Vellez could not believe that someone had brought their kayak onto such rough waters. However, he didn’t have time to worry about the man’s reasoning because there was a dog in danger. Many nearby people were gathered around the man, helping him to safety. But the poor dog was still stuck in the water, struggling to swim.

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The dog was clearly scared and confused. He continued to swim away from the shore, unsure of where he was headed. Vellez knew that if no one came to the rescue, the innocent dog would drown. So, he headed over to the dog in need.

As Vellez approached the dog, he whistled, trying to get his attention. He and the dog slowly neared each other. The dog could tell that Vellez was there to help, so once he was close enough, he climbed onto Vellez’s back all by himself. He held on tightly with his little paws on Vellez’s shoulders. The sweet dog looked grateful to be staying afloat.

The pup was only with Vellez for a few moments before a rescuer came to pick him up. They pulled the dog up to safety, transporting him back to the shore. Vellez was about to go back to what he was doing, but then he noticed that the man’s shoes were floating in the water. So, he picked those up and returned them too.

Image: Screenshot, @7NEWSGoldCoast/Facebook

A Warning for Dog Parents

Vellez hadn’t expected to spend his morning saving a dog’s life, but he did what he had to do. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time, which made him a hero. Luckily, he had been filming himself when the kayak tipped over, so he got an amazing video of himself saving the dog. Later, he even did a voiceover explaining what was happening.

As incredible as the video is, Vellez hopes that it will do more than just entertain and amaze people. He hopes it can have an impact on dog parents, especially those with kayaks and canoes. No person should be kayaking in rough water, especially not with a dog.

Image: Screenshot, @7NEWSGoldCoast/Facebook

“You don’t take a canoe or kayak out on a day like this, and you certainly do not take an animal. He had no chance of clearing the surf,” Vellez said. “People need to look at the conditions and prepare for it.”

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, if you ever go on an adventure with your dog, make sure the weather conditions are safe for your furry friend. It would be heartbreaking if anything bad were to happen to them.

You Can Watch the Rescue Video Below:

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Featured Image: Screenshot, @7NEWSGoldCoast/Facebook

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