Boxer Whimpers When She Hears Her Newborn Baby Sister Crying

Boxers may be large dogs with strong builds, but they’re really just big ol’ sweethearts. The breed famously adores kids, making them excellent family dogs. That’s why two parents bringing their newborn home to their sweet Boxer knew they were in for a treat. Consequently, so were all of us.

One of the lucky parents caught the sweetest interaction between her babies on film. A loyal and loving defender, the dog sleeps directly underneath her new sister’s crib. When she hears the baby’s whimpers, she lifts her head suddenly, concerned.


Obviously the worried pup will not stand for this distress. She emerges from her resting place to inspect the situation in the crib.


Soon, the Boxer begins to whimper too, echoing her fussy baby sister. She wiggles around, seemingly wonder what she can do to help.


When the whimpering quiets, the pup breaks into what really looks like a relieved smile. This loving girl will make the best big sister!

The adorable video now has well over 10 million views. Seems incorrect, because I’m pretty sure I alone watched it that many times. I encourage you to do the same!

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Why Do Dogs Respond To Human Cries?

As with most dog-related science, the answer to this question is still frustratingly complicated.

Some scientists theorize that dogs’ reactions to human crying indicate a desire to alleviate their own stress, not to comfort. In Psychology Today, Dr. Stanley Coren writes:

“Thus, these researchers suggest that when your dog sees your emotional distress, they are in effect ‘infected by it,’ and, in response to their own feelings, they come to nuzzle you. Their aim is not to comfort you, but rather to gain comfort for themselves.”

Others however, note how attune dogs can be to human emotions. Emily Sanford, a former undergraduate researcher at Macalaster College, studied how dogs respond to their people singing or crying.

“Dogs have been by the side of humans for tens of thousands of years and they’ve learned to read our social cues… Dog owners can tell that their dogs sense their feelings. Our findings reinforce that idea, and show that, like Lassie, dogs who know their people are in trouble might spring into action.”

In fact, the studies indicate, dogs often become too distressed by human cries to take action at all. Those dogs who did come to rescue crying people did so faster than the ones that did in response to song.

Whatever the reason, you can’t deny how cute the result is.

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Featured Image: @ElectricNoodleSoup/YouTube

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