Brave German Shepherd Races To Save Her Trappped Pitbull BFF From Snow

If you’re a dog parent that’s lucky enough to have two canine friends in your home, you’ve probably noticed the wonderful bond that two pups can share. Well, this bond was put to the test when an adorable Pittie named Knuckles found herself in a bind that only her furry BFF could rescue her from.

Knuckles and Kanawha were enjoying a snow day with their dad, Brian Wagner, when their frolic through a winter wonderland took a turn. As Kanawha, the German Shepherd, looked around for her partner in crime she appeared worried when Knuckles was not in her immediate sight. That’s when she suddenly realized that Knuckles had gotten herself trapped near a dumpster in a deep pile of snow.

snow rescue

Knuckles soon began to cry out for her best friend’s assistance, as she was too afraid to move forward. Kanawha looked back at her fur mom as if she was asking for help, but immediately realized that she had what it took to save her furry friend.

Once she could see the worried look upon Knuckle’s face, Kanawha sprang into action. She took a quick look around before she settled on her final plan to wade through the snow and rescue her Pittie pal.

Kanawha then began to push her way through the deep snow, creating an open path with each leap she took. It was clear just how challenging it was for Kanawha to inch her way toward her friend, as each jump required a great deal of effort to move forward.

snow rescuesnow rescue

As Kanawha came closer and closer to her canine companion, you can see the anticipation on Knuckles’ face growing. Once the brave Shepherd finally touched noses with her Pittie BFF, Knuckles realized that she was safe to follow the path that Kanawha created.

As the two canine friends made their way to safety, it’s as if Kanawha told Knuckles to “never do that again” with a playful nudge. Once the rescue was complete, it looks like the two pups continue to leap off to what we can only assume was a wonderful play day in the snow.

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It’s clear just how much these furry friends love each other with this act of bravery, and that these two will continue to have each other’s back in future endeavors to come. We are amazed by the obvious bond that these lovable pups share!

Image Source: Youtube

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