Brave Little Dog Does His Best To Scare Off The Google Street View Car

Google Street View comes in handy when you’re visiting a new city. It also inspires people – and sometimes pets – to act a little crazy. (Check out some of the photos on Street View Fun for examples.)

Recently, one of Google’s camera-wielding cars captured footage of a sassy little dog in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture. Apparently the pup doesn’t take kindly to his territory being invaded.

Or maybe he’s just camera shy.

Image Source: Google Street View

The unsuspecting Google driver encountered the pooch at a boatyard in the town of Kumage. You can tell from his body language that the dog is instantly displeased.

It could be he was protecting his owner, or maybe he’s been trained to guard the boatyard. Either way, as the strange vehicles passed, the dog immediately gave chase.

Image Source: Google Street View

Despite the obvious size difference, the pooch reacted fearlessly.

Image Source: Google Street View

At first the little guy had trouble keeping up…

Image Source: Google Street View

But managed to gain some ground as the car reached the corner.

Image Source: Google Street View

The Google car’s 360 degree cameras managed to accomplish what they came for: capture images of the Kumage shoreline.

But to the delight of dog lovers everywhere, those images will forever feature this plucky pup and his valiant efforts to protect his little corner of the earth!

Image Source: Google Street View

Here’s the entire scene set to some epic chase music for added suspense. Enjoy!

Find out where Google Street View is heading next. Maybe your dog can be the net big thing on Street View Fun!

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