Buffy Is Enjoying Her New Family And Sweaters After Being Rescued

Sadly, not all dogs are given the life they deserve but there are amazing rescues like START that hope to change that. START stands for the Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team. They’re based in California but they provide services to the entire Pacific Northwest. As their name says, they provide transportation to and from shelters in hopes of giving dogs a better chance at adoption.

 A Chance To Wipe Away Fear

Buffy is one of the lucky pups who crossed paths with START. Buffy’s abuse ended in 2017 when she was rescued by START. START got her from a shelter in San Jacinto where she was very timid and fearful. They feared that she may have been used as a bait dog due to the scars and terror that covered her sweet face. She was just two-years-old but it was apparent she had been through way too much in her short life.

START provided boarding for Buffy for quite a long time while she waited for the perfect family. They say good things come to those who wait and Buffy seemed to know that. She waited patiently day in and day out, never giving up hope. Eventually, Buffy found what she had longed for: a family of her very own!

Adventures And Sweaters- What More Could A Girl Want?

Her new family lives in Oregon. They had brought another dog into their home from START before. Sadly, that furbaby passed away. The family loves the work that START does so they knew just where to turn when they were ready again. Sweet Buffy was very shy at first despite wanting her own family so badly. It took her a little bit of time to adjust but her new family says she is doing incredibly well!

“Buffy is doing so good. We’re seeing more of her personality all the time. She’s so sweet, funny and mischievous,” they said. “She’s getting so brave. She gained a helpmate and so much more confidence.”

Buffy is even enjoying the company of her new brother. As she continues coming out of her shell, Buffy is learning to make her family laugh. Buffy and her new brother enjoy the wonders of their new life together.

“She likes wearing sweaters, cuddling in blankets and taking long adventures- as long as she has a quiet place to go when the world gets scary. She still spooked easily, but that’s her being her and I love her for it,” her mom said.

Rescues like START are able to change the lives of dogs like Buffy, thanks to help from GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank. Their smiles and wagging tails are better than any kind of thank you!

h/t: startrescue.org

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