Change Your Dog’s Life in 30 Days with Fresh Food

At iHeartDogs we have a collection of beliefs that inform every decision we make as a company. Among those core beliefs are the ideas that every dog matters, that our dogs give us their best, so we should give them ours, and that our dogs are facing a crisis of health that is affecting everything from their weight to their dental health. 

We stand behind brands, products, and people that are in line with our core principles and have your dog’s best interest in mind. One of those brands is NomNomNow, and we believe that NomNomNow’s fresh food for dogs is second to none. We know first-hand how NomNomNow can improve the lives of dogs and they do, too. That is why they back it up their life-changing food with a 30-day guarantee.

NomNomNow’s Care-Grade Guarantee


NomNomNow is so certain that their fresh food will benefit your dog they are willing to stand behind it with a solid guarantee. It is super simple: become a Subscription customer of NomNomNow and start feeding your dog freshly prepared and pre-portioned meals that are delivered right to your door.

For the first 30 days, watch you dog. If you don’t see the benefits of a fresh diet within 30 days of feeding, just contact NomNomNow at within 10 days of the 30th day of feeding. They will reimburse you up to $40 of your next food purchase upon receiving valid proof of purchase of the dog food of your choosing. What changes might you expect to see? We will cover that next.

What Benefits Should I Expect to See


NomNomNowRight away you will notice that your dog is super pumped at meal time. The first time you open up a perfectly portioned meal from NomNomNow your dog will be butt wiggling and begging. Within a couple of weeks you should notice a difference in your dog’s energy. You might even expect more pep in your dog’s step. Dog doody duty will get easier by week 2 as well, and you will see that their stools will become firmer and smaller, making clean-up less of a mess.

By the end of the 30th day of feeding NomNomNow your dog should be showing health improvements that are evident to the naked eye. Allergy symptoms like hot spots or other itchy skin conditions will improve and your dog’s coat will be full of luster and shine. If you don’t see benefits at this point, now is the time to cash in on NomNomNow’s Care-Grade Guarantee.

If you continue past 30 days, your dog will start realizing serious long-term health benefits. NomNomNow portions food specifically for your dog, which takes into account any weight loss goals you and your vet have for your pet. Around month 3 your dog should be hitting those goals, which positively impacts health in a variety of ways. Keep it up and at month 8 you will notice fewer vet visits and less need for medications. NomNomNow’s fresh food changes lives. See for yourself with a few first-hand accounts.

3 Stories of Lives Changed After Switching to NomNomNow

Meet Riley, a 9 year-old German Shepherd

Image C/O NomNomNow

Riley had started to lose weight, dropping from 100 to 85 pounds. She had a dull coat and itchy skin, loose stools, and low energy. Her mom Marissa said that Riley would have to sit down and take breaks on walks because she would be so worn out. Concerned, they had their vet perform a variety of tests but it all came back normal.

Tipped off by a pet store employee that the kibble they were feeding Riley wasn’t really all that great, Marissa started researching options. After a few false starts they found NomNomNow and could not believe the difference it made for Riley. She gained weight, got her energy back, and her skin is shiny and itch-free. Marissa told NomNomNow,

“It’s a complete turnaround. Night and day. It was insane. How crazy was it that we just had to change her food?”

Meet Jordy, a 3 year-old Cockapoo

Image Credit Michael DeSantis C/O NomNomNow

Jordy became a member of the Gillies family when she was a wee pup. For her entire life, she struggled with a sensitive stomach, resulting in frequent vomiting and diarrhea. She was very picky eater, which is understandable since everything she ate seemed to make her sick. Barrie Gillies would take Jordy to the vet again and again but never received any good solutions. She would leave with expensive food that was supposed to be good for Jordy’s stomach but the symptoms never improved.

After a chance encounter with a woman and her dog on a NYC subway who raved about NomNomNow, Barrie decided to give the food a try. She was astounded by the results. Jordy devours every meal and her stomach issues have completely disappeared. She reported to NomNomNow,

“She doesn’t have any stomach issues any more. No more vomiting and diarhea. She has so much energy now.”

Meet Luna, an 8 year-old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix

Image C/O NomNomNow

Corine Miller adopted Luna when she was an 8-month old puppy. She is a very sweet dog who has always been overweight. Corine tried tons of different dog food formulas and diets, including the green bean diet, but Luna never lost weight and the diets made her food aggressive. Corine had to keep a close eye on Luna at feeding times as Luna would often attempt to eat her other dog’s food. After doing some online research, Corine decided to give NomNomNow a try.

Corine especially liked that she could specify Luna’s current weight and weight goals so that meals would be customized for that target. Within weeks, Luna started losing weight and it has stayed off. She no longer needs steroid shots for joint pain and has the energy of a puppy again. Corine takes her on walks that are twice as long as they were before. Corinne told NomNomNow,

“We’d been trying other food for a year and a half with no results, but after a couple of weeks eating NomNomNow, she’d already lost a pound and half.”

Ready to Take a 30-Day Fresh Food Challenge with NomNomNow?

If you are ready to give NomNomNow a try, there has never been a better time than now. NomNomNow will improve the life of your dog, guaranteed. Get 50% of your first order today and get ready to see improvements within 30 days. If you don’t, NomNomNow will buy your pet’s next food.

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