“Chewbacca” Dog’s Beard Will Make Any Man Jealous

Griffons are known for having more hair on their faces than their bodies, and they often have small “beards.” However, an Instagram-famous pooch has a beard more luscious than any other dog, and likely any other human, too! Nuts is often called “Chewbacca” and a “hipster,” and it’s all thanks to his gorgeous beard. Even though he’s still a young pup at only three years old, his beard makes him look like an old soul!

Nuts’ mom, Tatiana Kovalenok, said that at first, she didn’t find anything unusual about his beard. To her, it was just a typical look for her dog. However, once Nuts began to gain followers on Instagram, Kovalenok soon learned that Nuts’ beard was anything but ordinary.

Image: @petite.griffon.nuts/Instagram

Growing the Perfect Beard

For many grown men, growing the perfect beard can be tricky. For Nuts, that isn’t the case. Kovalenok said that her pup’s gorgeous beard began growing naturally, and it requires very little maintenance. 

Nuts’ beard became noticeable when he was only eight months old. When Kovalenok took him to get groomed, she always told his groomer to trim the beard a little bit. She had no idea that this extra hair was the key to fame for her furry friend.

Image: @petite.griffon.nuts/Instagram

One day, Kovalenok decided to stop trimming the beard. She told the groomer that they could leave it long, and the result was priceless. After his haircut, Nuts had the most beautiful beard she had ever seen! At that moment, Kovalenok knew she had to let it grow out.

“We don’t do any special treatment for the beard, we just wash it when Nuts takes a shower. It grows by itself and the hair is so smooth we don’t even have to comb it and it’s never tangled,” said Kovalenok. “Many people say that Nuts is very trendy as it’s very popular nowadays for men to wear thick beards.”

Image: @petite.griffon.nuts/Instagram

“Chewbacca’s” Rise to Fame

Nuts’ longer beard started gaining him extra attention. His Instagram page became even more popular, and all his followers continuously commented on how they loved his beard. Even when going on daily walks, Kovalenok said that people would often stop her to compliment Nuts’ style.

“Kids usually say that he’s a ‘funny dog’ or ‘looks like a grandpa.’ Older people always mention him as a stylish dog, saying something like, ‘Look at the [mustache] and beard he has!’ Some people call him hipster or even Chewbacca,” said Kovalenok.

Image: @petite.griffon.nuts/Instagram

To Kovalenok, Nuts isn’t an old man or Chewbacca though. He’s just her loving dog. Like any dog, he loves to snuggle, and he even loves to play in the water. His mom finds it hilarious when his beard gets wet. His beard might seem unusual, but it makes him even more adorable!

If you want to see more cute photos of this Chewbacca-like dog, then please check out his Instagram page! His beard just gets more incredible each and every day!

Image: @petite.griffon.nuts/Instagram

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Featured Image: @petite.griffon.nuts/Instagram

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