Community Finds Missing Golden Retriever After Rollover Accident

A family from Woodhaven, Michigan had a string of back luck recently. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. The Stevensons were on their way to spend Christmas morning with their family. Unfortunately, they hit a slick spot on the interstate which resulted in a rollover accident. The slick spot sent their car flying as it flipped a few times before coming to a stop.

With The Good Comes The Bad

The silver lining is that nobody was hurt. Wade Stevenson, Ruth Stevenson, and toddler Hazel were left unharmed. 

“Just a couple scratches to be honest. Even the Christmas presents didn’t get scratched. I don’t understand,” Wade Stevenson told

There may have been no injuries but the fourth member of the family went missing. The family’s 1-year-old Golden Retriever, Red, darted into the woods immediately after the accident.


In addition to the Stevenson family, local animal control, the police department, and dozens of volunteers searched high and low for Red. Three live traps were set up and baited with food and clothing from Red’s family, hoping that the scent would lure him in. Several nearby businesses reported sightings so the family wasn’t losing hope. 

It Takes A Village

The Stevenson family was overwhelmed by the support they received from the community. Residents joined forces nearly instantaneously after the accident to bring Red home.

“We just want to thank (everyone) from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done to help us. We still have not found red but we are doing everything we can to find/get him,” Ruth Stevenson wrote on Facebook.


The family started a GoFundMe which was able to raise enough money to pay for a search done by drones. Unfortunately, this search did not help them find Red.

“We reached a point in the funding to where we have covered the drone expenses from yesterday’s operation. While the operation did not find Red, the thermal visioning did show that he does not appear to be in the area,” Wade Stevenson posted to Facebook.

A Happy Ending To Close Out The Decade

Nearly one week after he went missing, Red was found safe and sound! He was reunited with his family just in time to celebrate the new year! The good news was announced on the “Bring Red Home” Facebook page. It’s unclear how exactly he was found.


It may not have been the ending the Stevensons expected for this decade, but it sure is a great one!

Featured Photo: @BringRedHome/Facebook

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