Company Embraces Your Dog’s Inner Royalty With Majestic Portraits

Most dog parents are guilty of collecting custom products for their dogs. You probably have dog photos all over your walls and your dog’s name written everywhere. And that’s okay because dogs are adorable. They bring us so much happiness that they deserve to be spoiled with custom products. But even if your walls are already covered in cute paintings of your furry friends, there’s always room for one more. The portrait company Crown & Paw specializes in custom pet portraits. 19th century Renaissance portraits, to be exact. They’ll make your dog’s inner royalty shine through!

Shiba Renaissance Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

How to Get a Custom Renaissance Portrait

Crown & Paw’s portraits are easily customizable. In fact, you can order one for your dog with only a few simple steps:

#1 – Choose Your Costume

There are numerous costumes to choose for your dog. They include both male and female styles. Some examples are princes, princesses, admirals, kings, and queens. There are also some more modern designs, such as astronauts, wizards, and presidents. This is the perfect time to find out who your dog would be if they were human.

Puppy Renaissance PortraitPuppy Renaissance Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

#2 – Upload a Photo

Next, you need to upload an adorable photo of your furry friend. The company recommends taking a photo at eye level, preferably looking away from the camera. A close-up with natural lighting will likely get the best results. Also, both ears should be in the frame. Remember, your pup should look extra professional in this shot.

Fancy Dog PortraitFancy Dog Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

#3 – Place Your Order

There are also a few different sizes to choose from: 8″x10″, 12″x18″, and 16″x24″. Once everything looks good, you can add it to your cart and check out.

Then, the expert design team will create a perfect photo of your pup. The quality will be checked before it’s sent out to you. These portraits are made with an ink that’s deigned to never fade, and it already has a hook attached to it. It’s made on hardwood with a wooden frame. If you buy one, your dog will have a photo they can brag about for years to come.

Silly Dog PortraitSilly Dog Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

All Animals Are Royalty

This company was a passion project for the two creators, and it started out while they were visiting Amsterdam. The beautiful artwork there inspired them to blend it with their love for animals. Every one of their photos seems to turn out as the perfect mixture of adorable, majestic, and silly. The company often posts the results on their social media pages.

Most of the portraits are of dogs. Of course, dogs are one of the most majestic animals out there. They’re basically already kings and queens in their homes.

Dog Queen PortraitDog Queen Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

There are quite a few cat portraits too. Although cats are already aware of how important they are.

Cat Renaissance PortraitCat Renaissance Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

Then, there are even some unique portraits of other animals. This includes hedgehogs, bunnies, birds, and even tortoises!

Silly Tortoise PortraitSilly Tortoise Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

If one thing is for sure though, it’s that all these adorable portraits are sure to make you smile.

Nervous Dog PortraitNervous Dog Portrait
Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

If you want your dog to look like a fabulous Renaissance character, then you can visit Crown & Paw’s website to get your own custom portrait. It will likely fill your home with joy.

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Featured Image: @crownandpaw/Instagram

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