Couple Takes Action To Feed City’s Stray Dogs

A couple currently living in San Felipe, Mexico has dedicated their lives to improving the well-being of strays that roam the street. Though they have already been feeding the local dogs in the area and volunteering with the local animal rescues, they took their efforts up a notch and created the San Felipe Marina Dogs Group. recently published an article that showcased the benefits of placing dog food dispensers in public areas that stray pups frequent. With so many stray dogs living near the Marina in San Felipe, Diane Perrigo and Alan Horton made it their mission to bring these food dispensers to their city.

san felipe dogs
San Felipe Marina Dogs

The couple wasted no time gathering supplies and getting to work on the makeshift feeders, and have been able to create several feeders that they have placed around town. By placing these feeders on stationary objects the stray pups can enjoy a dependable free meal, and no longer have to wander the streets hungry.

Since the two dog lovers have implemented the street feeders, they have been able to befriend some of the nervous pups around town that may not have been approachable before this. Because of this, they have been able to take some of these strays into the monthly spay/neuter clinic at the San Felipe Dog Rescue and significantly lower the stray dog population in the years to come.

san felipe dogssan felipe dogs
San Felipe Marina Dogs

Aside from the incredible work that Diane and Alan have implemented around town are the continued efforts of the local animal volunteers. Since creating the San Felipe Marina Dog Group they have gathered a group of dedicated volunteers that continue to fill the feeders around town, as well as those who donate much-needed kibble for the hungry pups of the area.

The San Felipe Dog Rescue is also run entirely by volunteers, making it clear that the city of San Felipe is filled with passionate animal lovers that are fighting to make a difference.

san felipe dogssan felipe dogs
San Felipe Marina Dogs

The feeders cost about $10 to assemble and place around town in addition to the fresh dog food that is used to fill these feeders each day. Diane and Alan are always accepting donations toward their monthly food budget, as well as the San Felipe Dog Rescue for their medical and fostering costs.

We are so thankful for passionate animal advocates like those in San Felipe, and can’t wait to see the difference they make for the animals that wander their streets!

Image Source: San Felipe Marina Dogs

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